Book Review – Whispers from the Earth

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Whispers from the Earth


Taz Thornton





Taz Thornton’s book ‘Whispers from the Earth’s not big but is jam packed with stories and not just any stories but ones she has channelled from the ancestors, from the bones of the earth which she is part of and the spirits of those she works with. These are stories to read to yourself and to read out loud to others, for they are stories that are crying out to be heard, to be listened to and to pass on their meaning to those who need to hear them.

Ms Thornton also shares with us guidance as to how to channel our own stories, ones that come from the spirits we work with and from our own ancestors. Whilst her stories are a gift in their own rite, a greater gift is the sharing of how we can become our own storyweavers and in doing so find stories of our own.

I am in no way a story teller or storyweaver but inspired by the guidance given in Whispers from the Earth and by the stories contained therein I have had a go at it myself 🙂 While I am nowhere near Ms Thornton’s standard it was far easier than I expected, I enjoyed doing it and am sure I will do so again. I’m telling you no more than this for now. If you’d like to learn how to channel your own stories the advice in the book is clear and easy to follow. If you want to read mine you will need to subscribe to Indie Shaman Magazine where my sorry attempt, all being well, will form part of my Shaman Moon column sometime later in the year.

Web of Life Connections – White Buffalo Calf Woman

White Buffalo Calf Woman is a sacred woman of supernatural origin central to the beliefs of the Lakota of North America. There is a beautiful legend attached to her which can easily be found online so I won’t go into it here rather I will share the message that she has given us today.

‘When times are hard and you feel like giving in reach out, for there is always something greater, stronger, more powerful than yourself in your human form that will be of assistance. Sometimes this help is found outside of yourself, sometimes it is within you but it is always there waiting for you’.

Shaman Pathways Web of Life 

Web of Life Connections – Beauty

As I sat with the connection or teacher that is Beauty I had one phrase pop into my head ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Having had this thought I stopped and looked around at all the beauty that surrounds me, beauty that I take for granted until that is I am reminded to stop and look.

The message I was given from Beauty though was this:

‘Stop what you are doing and have a good look, not at your surroundings but at yourself. See what an amazing creature you really are. Open your awareness to the healing powers of your body and marvel at its abilities. Take time to sit and connet with your soul. These are what is really beautiful not the outer wrapping that this gift comes in’. 

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Web of Life Connections – Growth and Serpent

This week when drawing the connections cards to find the conection or teacher that had a message for us I drew two cards. They were back to back and firmly stuck together. The first one I saw was Growth and the second Serpent but even just looking at them I was getting a firm message that they belonged together here.

Often when I draw two cards I will listen to them separately and post their individual messages but because of the sense of them being together this message is from both of them.

‘Just as the Serpent sheds its skin so must you in order to grow. The Serpent does not spend its days trying to hold onto what is dead or dying but rather struggles to move out of it and to leave it behind and so must you. There is no Growth, there can be no Growth without leaving behind the old part of yourself, the part that is no longer alive’.

Shaman Pathways Web of Life 

Web of Life Connections – Spirituality

Spirituality is a connection that I am always happy to see come up. Words of wisdom from the teacher that is Spirituality are always welcome 🙂

‘Listen to your soul not to your mind, your monkey brain that would have you believe all manner of things. When you listen to your soul then it is possible to know the truth of what you hear’. 

Shaman Pathways Web of Life 

Web of Life Connections – Sexuality

This morning when I sat down to draw a card for everyone for the week the card that I found in my hand was Sexuality. This is not a connection I know well for it does not appear in my own web of life.

Sometimes unusual connections are easier to listen to for there are no presumptions to be made about the message it is bringing. Sometimes though it is the opposite and they need to be listened to more closely which was the case with Sexuality.

‘Do not shy away from your own sexuality, nor use it as a tool or even a weapon to get what you want. Rather connect with it and see it for what it is, an intrinsic part of who you are and something that is very beautiful’. 

Shaman Pathways Web of Life 

Web of Life Connections – Beaver

Beaver which I drew this mornng is another one of those totally unexpected connections, one that I have no recollection of making. It is these connections that can bring deep insight at times simply because they are so unknown and fresh for us.

So what message does Beaver bring us this week?

‘Dig deep, stay strong, even when it feels as if you are not getting anywhere. Nothing ever comes to those who give up when things get tough or look to be impossible’. 

Web of Life Connections – Nourishment

In view of my last post relating to the Solar and Lunar Eclipses and all that has been going on Nourishment, the connections card I drew this morning seems very appropriate. I have really got the feeling recently that all we can do at the moment is to nourish and take care of ourselves, roll with it and wait until everything settles again, as it surely will.

The message I was given as I sat with Nourishment this morning was this:

Breathe deeply, turn your focus inwards and go deeply towards your innermost being. The deeper you can go the more you will make sense of what you need to do for yourself. Allow the thoughts, feelings or words to bubble up from deep inside you and then give yourself permission to act upon them’.

For me, as I allowed myself to do just this immediately after receiving the message this was a really interesting experience, for what I received from my innermost self was the exact opposite to the way I have been feeling. I have been feeling lethargic, tired and had little interest in doing much but the message I received was to open up and expand.

I hope working with Nourishment is just as interesting and enlightening for you.

Shaman Pathways Web of Life 

Web of Life Connections – Hummingbird

imageI have worked with Hummingbird a lot and always love it see it come up in the cards. Hummingbird is firmly woven into my web of life 🙂

It is important when a familiar connection or teacher comes up, not to assume you know whatt it’s message will be though.

The message from Hummingbird today is:

‘Be steady, take your time and the impossible will become possible. Rushing into things is never a good way to approach anything new even when it feels that it is what you want to do. There is nothing at all to be gained by rushing’.


Shaman Pathways Web of Life 

Web of Life Connections – Will

It took me some considerable time today to connect with Will. It is one of those connection cards that I have no recollection of making and my reaction when I drew it was ‘Oh’. Since this I have made a coffee, settled myself down, all the time with Will floating around in my mind. It was only when I sat still, centred myself and allowed my mind to let go that I found the connection I was seeking.

The message that came from Will is:

‘As humans you exert your Will all the time but if you can allow your soul to lead you and your sense of free Will to let go then resistance vanishes, the flow increases and life becomes easier’.

As I finished typing this in my head I had the following:

‘Resistance is futile’.


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