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It took me some considerable time today to connect with Will. It is one of those connection cards that I have no recollection of making and my reaction when I drew it was ‘Oh’. Since this I have made a coffee, settled myself down, all the time with Will floating around in my mind. It was only when I sat still, centred myself and allowed my mind to let go that I found the connection I was seeking.

The message that came from Will is:

‘As humans you exert your Will all the time but if you can allow your soul to lead you and your sense of free Will to let go then resistance vanishes, the flow increases and life becomes easier’.

As I finished typing this in my head I had the following:

‘Resistance is futile’.


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2 thoughts on “Web of Life Connections – Will

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  2. True, very true. The yin and yang of it. Gets tiring doing all the driving. Good to let spirit take the wheel. A few gentle directions on the scenic route. The journey is always much more pleasant that way.

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