About My Blog

Although I used to have a monthly blog on my publisher’s website this is the first blog I have had that belongs to me.

I think the hardest thing about starting my own blog originally was finding the right title. When I was asking people what they thought of ‘Solitary Path’ for my blog, one asked how my path could be solitary when it is impossible to work with shamanism without having a community.

The thing is, I do have a community within which I work when I work on behalf of others, but not within which I learn or work on myself, hence the title.

No matter how hard I try to find a community within which to work or others to train or study with it never works. I have learnt that in order to do what I do I have to be independent, to find my own way, my own path and so yes, ‘Solitary Path’ fits.

In this blog I hope to share my own thoughts, ideas, understanding and experience. I hope this will cover not only my work, but other areas of my life such as the amazing places I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to and who knows maybe from time to time I may even share some of my paintings….we’ll see.

I also review books so will be posting reviews of these as often as I have one available.



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