Deciding to let go

One of the things that I have become aware of whilst not having my iPad is, as you may have guessed, how much time I spend doing things that I really don’t need to be doing. I am now making the most if the state of being iPad less to review what I am doing and letting go of as much of what doesn’t feel right as I can.

This doesn’t mean I am not going to be on Facebook but means that in the future I will pop in now and again, maybe not even every day, and I certainly won’t be checking it whenever I get some spare time.

As far as my blog goes, I’m not sure that anyone has missed me really. Yes I know that I have friends who read what I write but beyond that I’m really not sure. It does give me a space to ‘talk out loud’ and so I fully expect it to survive in some form but I’m not going to put myself under pressure to write every week, or more than once a week as I have done in the past.

I am also wondering about the Web of Life Connections posts and how useful people find them. If they are not useful again they can go. As I haven’t had anyone saying they miss them while I haven’t been posting I guess I have my answer here.

It is good to let go from time to time, to reflect, review and reorganise. I am in many ways grateful for the enforced chance to do this now and look forward to discovering the shape that things take as I move forward.

Beyond Surviving, Loving It

I am typing this in a borrowed iPad for mine is still terminally ill, or so I believe for I can’t even be bothered to contact the computer guy to find out, I may call in tomorrow when I go to town but then again……

i really thought I would miss it but I am still enjoying the extra space it gives me without it. I suspect if I get it back at some point I will use it less than I did before as the enforced sabbatical has given me chance to recognise what a waste of time much of what I was doing had become.

Checking Facebook, checking for emails now happen once a day if that, not every time I find myself with a few minutes spare. Yes my blog has suffered but weirdly I’ve not had withdrawal symptoms from this either and having made sure there was a post once a week while I was away am now wondering why I was so bothered. I’m not sure it makes any difference if I post or not other than to me. So pressure off 🙂

ok I have had a lot of work recently and have the decorator in which means we are living in slightly controlled chaos and maybe it would be different if I had not been busy but…….I have managed to finish a complex piece of artwork, planted the tubs outside, read, and generally have enjoyed myself. Yes I would have done all of this anyway but maybe not as quickly as I have definitely had more free time.

So having posted my update I am off for a computer free day once again 🙂