A ‘New’ Challenge :)

I need something to keep me blogging otherwise I have a tendency to drift. The challenge I found the first year worked brilliantly as it was flexible enough for me to always find something to write about. It was simple and used the alphabet, so week one was a post beginning with A and so on. I also had a Facebook group in which to share my blog which I also liked. Last year the only challenge I found didn’t suit me at all. I actually found the pressure of searching for something to say about things that were outside my experience quite stressful so I stopped and consequently so did my blog 😦

I thought I had found a challenge for this year but its mainly about tarot which I don’t use but today I discovered this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.49.22

I’m not sure where its from as I couldn’t find the Facebook group when I searched but that doesn’t matter. I have 52 headings that I can use for blog prompts, if it doesn’t link to anywhere I am under no pressure to write when I don’t have anything to say and both of those points make it flexible enough for me this year πŸ™‚

So I am going to start with the first prompt and sometime during the week will be back with a new post.Lets see if I can keep this one up.

When would I decline to read for or work with a client?

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 16.43.42

I have decided to use Pagan Blog Prompts on Facebook to keep me blogging this year. Without a challenge last year I found it much harder and as many of you reading this will know I drifted back and forth for most the time rather than posting with anything like consistency.

The promo this week was concerning whether there were instances where you would decline to read Tarot for anyone. The original blog post that generated this prompt can be read here atΒ Luna Sage.

I actually don’t read tarot at all nor in fact do I use cards for readings, apart from drawing some for a yearly spread, which is another story completely as I have yet to do one for the coming 12 calendar months. I do though read for others through Spirit Guide Readings and Auragraph Readings. If you follow the links you can find out more about what these entail but suffice to say that they do involve me in reading for other people so follow the same principles as Tarot.

Having given the question some thought I would decline to read for anyone in the following circumstances:

  • If the person was under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs – this is a premise I follow for all of my work and I would refuse a client for anything under these circumstance.
  • If I had drunk alcohol – again I never work with anyone if I have had an alcoholic drink of any kind.

Actually now I am writing this I have realised that the criteria for declining to read for someone are simply part of my general ethics so would apply for energy or shamanic healing as well as to readings. So let me change the question here to”

‘When would I decline to work with a client’?

The answer, apart from the reasons already stated is:

  • If I was too tired to read for someone
  • If I was unwell and or my energy was very low
  • If the client was asking me to do something that was outside of my capabilities
  • If I felt at risk from the client for any reason
  • If it seemed the client was not benefiting from the work we were doing together
  • If I was being asked to diagnose

I am sure there are other reasons I have overlooked but luckily I am fortunate to attract great clients and students and so can count on one hand the number of times I have refused someone. With distance work including readings if I am having a ‘bad’ day then I can usually adjust the work or reading to a day when I am ok again. In fact I often have to wait to do a distance reading until the person’s guide(s) are ready to work with me, our conversely I have been known to be dragged into a reading by people’s guides much sooner than planned due to their impatience to work πŸ™‚

Like the author of the original blog, I know I have a choice as to when and if I work and to whom I work with. This is healthy and means that I am respecting myself and m,y own safety as well as that of my client.





Blood, sweat and tears

I’m not quite sure what I’m doing here, what I’m writing about even, but it just seemed right to stop by and say something, whatever it turns out to be.

I’ve actually been doing a lot of writing the last few days, just not here it seems.

I had an article to write for my publishers for a compilation they are planning. The deadline for this is the 8th January which, when I put myself forward to do it in September, seemed a long way away. This week though I realised that it wasn’t a long way away at all and that with Solstice, Christmas, New Year and all goes with it, in between, the time would soon vanish.

Writing for me isn’t something that rolls off the pen, or in this case, keyboard easily, it really does take blood and sweat although I usually avoid the tears. I need to generate an idea, let it breathe, germinate and then grow into something that has the possibility of being a column, an article or something more. In terms of the aformentioned article I’d had the idea, it had had plenty of time to germinate but it refused to grow. I’d researched, made notes, started and stopped over and over again but nothing much happened with it. Sometimes when it gets like this I take a shamanic journey for guidance and usually I get the spark that tells me where to go with it all but this time…….nothing.

Then yesterday, on a brighter, less dark day than we have had for some time that spark came and despite distractions that included a walk on the beach and getting ready for a night out with the locale women’s group the article wrote itself at long last.

Today I sent it off in to the ether. Hopefully it has arrived at its destination and is acceptable as that would mean I can concentrate on other writing, that half finished book or on new ideas perhaps. Or who knows, it may even free me up to get back here more often.

More of a Spring Clean than I’d realised

I think the idea of my using February for its ancient purpose of cleansing and purification really took hold this year and looking back on the first day of March I can see how much of a spring clean I have been having this year.

In my home there has been a good bit of clearing out ensuring that several visits to the recycling plant were needed. This has meant not only taking to the plant what was in the house but also everything that was in the shed or garden from previous clear outs. Our old television has found a new home with friends who’s children can make use of it, or at least they will if we ever find the lead for it. We delivered the TV along with what we thought were all the cables only to find we had given them our video lead by mistake. As it would happen we had been going to get rid of the video anyway and it turns out they needed one. I just love synchronicity and how in this case at least some of our pre loved things have found a new home.

The garden is looking ready for Spring in a way it hasn’t for years. Hedges are trimmed, our ‘dead hedges’, for in the end we constructed two of these, are all ready for new life to find a home there, spring bulbs have been stunning in both variety and colour and having cleared and tidied, this year we can really see them.

I have also made decisions that have meant letting go of things I am doing which don’t feel right any more. One of these is blogging as part of Monday Musings with The Pagan Experience. Nothing at all wrong with it there but it wasn’t a good fit for me and rather than struggling on I have decided to dip out and do my own thing which means I only have myself as a resource for my blog this year. Now I write that I realise that’s a slightly scary prospect as I won’t have anyone emailing once a week to remind me to blog, so I now need to be all grown up and remember all on my own.

I have also stopped pretending that I am working ‘full time’. I have reached a point in my life when there are many other things I want to do with my life, so officially I am now only working two days a week seeing clients (although this does stretch a little sometimes) and then teaching at weekends when courses are on. This in theory gives me time to write, blog, work on the Ovate level with the OBOD, paint, draw, go to my art group and the million and one other things that seem to find their way into every week.

I haven’t yet cleared out my contacts in my mobile phone, nor have I been through Facebook and deleted all those ‘friends’ that I can’t recognise as people I actually know, but then February only has 28 days so I don’t think I’ve done too badly and there is no reason to stop just because it is now March is there πŸ™‚

Monday Musings – Resolutions

imageI have quite honestly never made a resolution in my life until this year when, as part of my publisher’s blog we were all asked to write some. My main one was to spend less time on Facebook and more time working on writing something other than my blog. I’m not sure how this will pan out as I enjoy writing my blog, usually in the morning over coffee, whereas I really have to make time and space to write anything else.

So in order to write more, then Facebook needs to take a back seat, which is hard as that is where I do most of my networking which is important for my work of course. As I write on my iPad I always have access to the Internet so I think if this is to work then I am going to be need to be much more determined and self controlled.

So why is it that I don’t make resolutions?

It’s because the less I plan or try and control it the better my life pans out. In the past I have tried to control what is happening and have got myself into more and more of a mess by doing so. Neither do I set myself goals or targets preferring to go with the flow, being aware of the signs and messages I am being given, listening to my guides and trusting that everything will work out as it should. If I fight against the energy of where I am being taken then that is where I really do have problems.

I do though believe strongly that nothing new can come in unless we make space for it and so throughout the year I hold fire ceremonies whenever it feels that one is needed. Here I usually write down on paper whatever it is that is no longer serving me and then burn it, thus releasing it to the energy that is Fire. At others I energetically tie what I wish to release into string and then offer that to Fire. From time to time I may also hold a Despacho ceremony, making a Despacho or prayer bundle to honour the spirits and also to release whatever I wish to. Although Despachos can be buried and given to the Earth, once again I usually use Fire if I am releasing.

Sometimes I am clear about what it is that needs to be released, at others I will do a shamanic journey to work with my allies and so gain insight into what is holding me back. I may also sit and talk with my guides to see what advice I am being given or even look back through my journal to see what patterns are there that can inform me.

So no resolutions, goals or targets, but lots of releasing to make space and then being aware so that I know where my path is taking me.

imageΒ The Pagan Experience

2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,600 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

I was ridiculously pleased with the idea of 5,600 views of my blog….until I saw someone else’s blog had 18,000 views that is. But then I stopped and reminded myself that I’ve only been blogging here since February 2014 so a huge thanks to all who made up that 5,600 viewings. Here’s to 2015!

Sleep working?

How’s everyone doing today, the day after the longest night and the new moon?

I’m sure this will get little sympathy from the insomniacs out there because I usually sleep like a log. I’m gone when my head hits the pillow and drift gently awake the following morning, usually having slept the night through. The last few nights though have been anything but restful and uninterrupted. I have been finding it hard to get to sleep and when I do have been feeling as if I am half awake. I am aware that I’ve been doing something although I have no idea what. This is when I know I have been sleep working.

Sometimes I am aware of this happening more at either full moon or new moon than at other times of the month. Sometimes this coincides with particularly powerful moons or planetary alignments that I am told about afterwards.

I have friends who are into astronomy who have been posting about this being a particularly powerful new moon. All I know is my mind is refusing to be still be it day or night and in my dreams I have definitely been somewhere, speaking to others and doing whatever it is I do when I am not awake at these times.

Sometimes I drift almost awake and have clear knowledge and what I have been doing, this knowledge then stays with me. It is almost as if I am woken so that I remember, this makes it much easier of course. At other times like now I have no idea at all so that of course leads me to spend my time awake wondering what I have been up to.

I can ask for it to stop of course and at times when I am really tired I do explain that while I am happy to work I do need a deep, restful and uninterrupted night’s sleep. I’m not quite there yet this time but it is getting close.

So…I just wondered if anyone else out there was experiencing anything similar at the moment.

Modranicht – Celebrating the feminine

I have just come across Modranicht which in Old English is said to mean ‘Night of the Mothers’. This was an event held on either the eve of Winter Solstice, or Christmas Eve, although as it is thought to have been an Anglo Saxon Pagan event it does seem to me, more likely that it was held on the eve of Solstice rather than Christmas.

What caught my attention about it at first was that the person mentioning it spoke of it their seeing it as a night for celebrating Mother Earth and giving thanks to the Earth Mother which seemed a lovely thing to do at any time of year. How nice to have a day in this festive season to take time out, to reflect on, celebrate and make offerings to the Earth.

Then having looked at it a little more closely today I have also seen that it can be a time for celebrating Brigid as the representation of the triple goddess, one of the great mothers of the Celts. As a healing goddess and goddess of fertility Brigid oversees childbirth. Although Brigid has her own day on 1st February it is clear why some choose to celebrate her at Mondranicht as well.

The translation as ‘Night of the Mothers’ seems to suggest that this would have been a time when the feminine as depicted by motherhood in all its creative forms was celebrated which seems to me a very worthwhile celebration. How lovely if we could bring back a celebration of Mother Earth and the feminine at Modranicht in some way. This year on the eve of Winter Solstice I for one will be doing just that.

Thank You

I feel I should say something here to mark the fact that I’ve just passed the 200th follower of my blog (pause for a small celebration here :)) 200 might not sound much but to me it’s huge.

I began my blog in the depths of February last with no idea if anyone would read it or not. It started as a place for me to ‘talk out loud’ as it were and a place where I could share the connections in the Web of Life to help those working with my book. Then I discovered the Pagan Blog Project which has kept me on the straight and narrow regarding my blog and made sure I posted at least once a week this year. I am beyond grateful for this as without it I am sure at times I would have lapsed.

During this time though I have discovered that I really enjoy writing to you all and am delighted that you all seem to enjoy reading what I write. So as we come to the end of 2014 a big THANK YOU to everyone for reading Solitary Path.

The Pagan Blog Project comes to an end in two weeks so next year will bring something different I hope. I also hope that you will all stay with me and that I will still be ‘chatting’ with you in 2015.

Celebrating without consumerism

I’m sitting here having listened to yet another radio ad urging us to go out and spend money we don’t have before Christmas and it’s left me wondering just why it is people buy into consumerism so much. Recently we have had Black Friday, Cyber Monday and because I live in Ireland, the 8th December which as it was on a Monday this year, also seemed to spread out to include the 6th and 7th as well.

For those of you who don’t know about 8th December, in Ireland it’s the national shopping day, the day where historically ‘culchies’ those of us from the countryside, would travel into town and do our Christmas shopping tempted in by 10% off just about everything. Of course the days of only being able to travel to the city one day of the year are long gone, but the 10% tradition still remains. Town apparently was packed on that day which is good for local traders and people’s pockets of course.

But do we need to be spending so much at any time of the year, let alone this one? The answer is of course we don’t. For many the whole idea of a consumer driven lifestyle is an anomaly. The rush to spend money on things we don’t need and can’t afford just doesn’t make sense.

As a fairly low key pagan who has drifted towards paganism gradually, one who is living in a very Catholic country, I celebrate pagan festivals and will be celebrating Winter Solstice but I also take part in Christmas festivities for this means I get to spend time with friends. For Solstice any presents are hand made, or small things that I hope will have meaning for the person receiving them, at Christmas any presents are also small, tokens rather than anything more. In our family we don’t do Christmas presents at all now, nor do we stock our cupboards full of food that never gets eaten. This is not us being miserly but is about keeping it all in perspective.

I don’t usually talk about this with anyone but the other day, out with friends for lunch the subject of Christmas arose and out of the ten of us present most of us hadn’t made any preparations at all. In fact when someone said ‘You don’t still do the present thing do you?’ most of us there said no, only something small and then only for children.

This heartened me for as a country creeping out of recession, one where the poorest in our society have been hardest hit, one where the numbers of homeless have increased dramatically I believe it is what we need to be doing as opposed to borrowing money needlessly. It doesn’t mean we cannot celebrate whether it be Solstice or Christmas, but hopefully it means we can do so while thinking about why we are celebrating rather than what we have gained materially at this time of year.