About Me

imageHi, I’m Yvonne and it’s nice to meet you here. So who am I? I write, I paint, I enjoy travelling, am an avid reader and I love cats even though I no longer have any.

I am a perpetual student, I love learning new things and can remember being asked by someone once what it was I wanted to know. My reply was ‘Everything, how the universe works, how it all works, everything’, and I’m still learning!

I learn by doing, experientially in other words. As a child I would take things apart to see how they work and this is still what I do. I can’t accept something is the way it is without seeing it for myself, which partly explains why my path is a solitary one. It’s how I learn.

This solitary path of mine, began with Reiki. Up until then my life had been very ordinary, since then it has been anything but.

Reiki opened doors and I quite happily stepped through. The first of these doors led me to a past life ancestor who I now know well as one of my guides and in that moment I found my shamanic path, a path I have been walking ever since. It’s a path that connects me to the abundance of support that is available to me when I connect with all that is around me and one that every day becomes more and more important to me.

Although I lived in England for most of my life it is living in Ireland that has drawn me more further and further onto the path I now walk and has now awakened in me a desire to connect more deeply with the culture I am living in. This has seen me start to add a new strand to my journey and in 2013 I began training with the OBOD as a Bard and am now training as an Ovate.

Healing and teaching are in my blood though and I have, over the years qualified to work as a therapist not just with Reiki but also with Australian Bush Flower Essences, Chios Energy Healing, Past Life Regression and Shamanic Healing. I am a Reiki and Chios Master and loved nothing more than to pass on what I knew to others. I also worked with and passed on the shamanic rites of the Munay Ki before retiring from therapy work in 2019.

In 2013 I discovered a new aspect to my path, that of the author, with the publication of my book ‘Shaman Pathways Web of Life’.

I now write a column ‘Shaman Moon’ for and regularly contribute articles to Indie Shaman Magazine amongst others.


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