Web of Life Connections – Beaver

Beaver which I drew this mornng is another one of those totally unexpected connections, one that I have no recollection of making. It is these connections that can bring deep insight at times simply because they are so unknown and fresh for us.

So what message does Beaver bring us this week?

‘Dig deep, stay strong, even when it feels as if you are not getting anywhere. Nothing ever comes to those who give up when things get tough or look to be impossible’. 

5 thoughts on “Web of Life Connections – Beaver

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  2. This may sound like a funny sort of connection, but I received bottles of shampoo and conditioner today which have the word beaver on them. I thought it was an odd thing for hair products, so it stood out to me. Then I came across this entry in your blog today… and the message fits for me. Isn’t the universe creative? Lol

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