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An interview I did with Cas Lake of My Spirit Radio about my book Shaman Pathways Web of Life can be listened to now by following this link



I love Teaching Reiki

imageI’m much later posting this than I would be most weeks as I’ve spent a good part of the day today doing one of the many things I love which is teaching. In this case I have been lucky enough to be teaching Reiki 1, the first level of Reiki.

As one of the most straightforward and uncomplicated forms of energy healing, Reiki is easy to learn and so seeing students begin to be aware of the energy, whether it be when giving or receiving is a real pleasure and often takes place surprisingly quickly. For many this will be their first experience of energy, whereas others may have experience of working with energy in other ways. With Reiki it doesn’t matter for it will always work with you exactly where you are and bring what you need whether you are training or having a Reiki treatment.

Although there are many books on Reiki and I too provide a handbook at each level, there is no real studying involved with Reiki, for all the teaching is through talking, questions, demonstrations and one of the most important aspects of Reiki, the practice of self treatments as well as learning how to share it with friends and family of course.

Many of my students stay in touch even if they go no further than Reiki 1 and one of my other pleasures is watching their growth, healing and development as they work with the universal life force energy that is Reiki.

My own journey began with Reiki and as it did with me it can open doors for others and lead them on in often surprising directions. One thing that is guaranteed is that Reiki will always bring change and everyone who comes to learn Reiki is seeking this even if they are not aware of it.

I certainly don’t remember actively looking for change although I must have been on some level as over the course of a couple of years I moved from a mainstream job with a contract to being a self employed therapist, a change I haven’t regretted for one minute. I am blessed in being able to work with what I love which is energy, whatever form it takes and also to be able to pass what I know onto others. For this and for finding Reiki, or rather Reiki finding me, I am eternally grateful.

You can learn a little more about Reiki here

Pagan Blog Project – Munay Ki

imageThe Munay-Ki Rites of Initiation

According to lore, the wisdom teachings of the Earthkeepers go back more than 100,000 years. During this time, the teachings have gone through many transformations, as mountain people migrated to lush farmland and then crossed the ice in Siberia into the thick forests of the American continent. Today we are going through another evolution as we bring this ancient body of knowledge into the 21st Century and although the outer form of teachings change the inner form remains the same.’ Alberto Villodo

The Munay-ki are part of these teachings and are the rites of the Shaman’s path of the Q’ero nation, descendants of the ancient Inca civilisation who dwelt high in the sacred mountains of the Andes in Peru. As is thought to be common with all Shamanic cultures, even though they are expressed in different forms and style, the Q’ero Shaman of today perform a series of rites that are known as the Munay-ki, a Q’ero word meaning love. The rites are passed on through a series of 9 transfers of energy known as: Foundation Rites: The healer’s rite, Bands of power, Harmony rite, Seer’s rite Lineage Rites: Daykeeper’s rite, Wisdomkeeper’s rite, Earthkeeper’s rite, Rites to Come: Starkeeper’s rite, Creator’s rite Once these rites have been received and worked with for a period of time anyone who has received the rites may pass them on to others as they wish. They may be offered as an integral part of other training, in their own right as Munay-Ki Initiations, over a weekend, several weekends, a series of days or even as one-off initiations during a healing session. Those passing on the rites charge for their time, experience and to cover expenses but the rites themselves are given free of charge, as the desire always is to train new Earthkeepers. Receiving the Munay-ki does not automatically make the receiver a Shaman or an Earthkeeper for there is work to do beyond the receiving of the rites. But the rites can help the receiver to heal the wounds of their personal past and that of their ancestors, as well as connect to and work with the Earthkeepers when they are ready to do so. As the Munay-Ki work with you where you are when you receive them, and bring you what you need at that time, it is difficult to be definitive but the following are the type of experiences that may be had after receiving the Munay-Ki rites:

  • Sleeping more deeply
  • Increased energy
  • More vivid dreams
  • Better dream recall
  • Feeling more calm or peaceful
  • Heightened intuition
  • Increased clarity
  • Being more focused
  • Increased self confidence
  • Increased optimism
  • Feeling happier or more joyful
  • Better or easier relationships
  • Improved physical health
  • Greater awareness and a greater sense of purpose

However the most common experience seems to be that ‘something is different’ although most people cannot explain exactly what. Receiving the Munay-Ki is a unique experience and everyone brings their own understanding to it. Many drawn to receive the Munay-ki do so because they long to make a difference in the world and in their lives and may well feel they have a received a calling from Spirit. If you feel called to receive the rites then they are right for you. Trust what you feel and be open to whatever you receive. I give Munay-Ki workshops in my healing room in Kilbrittain, Co.Cork for more information see

If you would like to read about my own experience of receiving the Munay Ki Rites you can read about them by following this link My Experience of Munay Ki

Web of Life Connections

In the web of life we are connected to each and every thing that exists. If we learn how to work with these connections we can find those that may become our teachers and so bring us messages and give us guidance.

One way of discovering what is bringing you messages is to literally keep your eyes open.

This morning looking out of the window I saw a rabbit happily eating away at the grass at the end of our garden. Coming downstairs I picked up my cards which have some of my teachers written on them. Putting my hand into the bag I pulled one out and on it was written RABBIT. This is a sure sign that rabbit has a message today so sitting with rabbit I journeyed to meet its spirit (you can also meditate on it) and this is the message I was given…

‘Take is easy, there is no need to rush at everything. Sit, look around and make sure it is clear and safe before you leap into action. This will save you time in the long run but may also save you in many other ways’


imageWe have quite a large strawberry bed in our garden. It has been there for around 16 years now and every year we talk about how we should replace some of the plants……next year. And every year…..yes you’ve got it….we forget.

This year is no different and the plants that are there are still the old ones.

The difference this year is that every other year we have carefully dug around the strawberry plants in the spring, removing any grass, stinging nettles, buttercups and anything else that might stop them growing big and strong. This year we were away and so did nothing but leave them to their own devices.

Today we had some time and decided the strawberry bed was our priority if we were to get any fruit this year and so set to. At first it was hard to even see where the plants were but as we dug and pulled we quickly began to uncover nice healthy, strong plants. The grasses had grown long as had other plants whose name I don’t even know but in doing so they had protected the plants.

As we uncovered more and more we realised that not only were there flowers on the strawberry plants but green strawberries and even a whole container, ok a small one but still, of ripe juicy strawberries.

I have a very loose attitude to gardening anyway. If it flowers it stays. If we plant something and a stronger plant takes over the space so be it. We don’t have straight lines nor neat and tidy flower beds but wild fuchsia hedging, ash trees and hawthorn. My herb beds and paths have been taken over by evening primrose and wild garlic and our ‘patio’ area by foxgloves and aqualigia.

So what a lovely surprise to discover not only fresh strawberries hidden under grass but a new relaxed gardening strategy for the strawberry bed. Next year I will just be leaving them to fend for themselves. They certainly seemed to like it.

House Martins

imageHouse Martins are not really amongst my favourite birds, every year they swoop and dive around our garden spooking me with their antics whilst looking for the ideal place to build their nests.

Their favourite spot this year, the one they have set their sights on, seems to be on the front of my log cabin, the log cabin where I work, the log cabin where clients walk in and out of when they come to me for healing sessions. I keep spotting them flying up in the eaves on a thin beam of wood which unfortunately is over both my window and door 😦

As anyone who has had a bird’s nest near them knows they can be messy. I have visions of the birds going about their business and dropping unwanted presents onto my clients. Also baby birds have a nasty habit of falling out if nests and they would land right on the hard step leading into the cabin. Not good.

I am happy for the House Martins to build their nest at the back or even side of the cabin, but no, the west facing front seems to be their side of preference. Like all good house hunters they are coming back for a second, third and even fourth viewing it seems.

Trying to head the inevitable nest building off I have now fixed Tibetan Prayer Flags to the front of my cabin, as high up as I can reach with only steps and not a ladder, in the hope that the flapping of them will be a deterrent. Which it might well be, if only there was some wind.

This morning I came back into the bedroom to find one of the House Martins had decided to pay a proper house call. There it was on our windowsill, wings outstretched looking out into the garden. Naturally I decided this really was a step too far and carefully lifting it with the curtain popped it back outside and watched it fly off to find its mate.

I am now in a slight dilemma. If the flags and my vigilance are not enough of a deterrent what do I do? Do I leave them in peace to build their nest knowing to well the implications of this or do I try even harder to dissuade them from their choice of premises? The shaman in me who respects the tiny creatures and knows that I and they are interconnected would leave them be. The human ego part of me (who I am not conceited enough to deny exists) wants a clean entrance to the cabin and happy clients. It will be interesting to see which one wins.