My non existent bucket list



I don’t have a bucket list and have no desire to do so in much the same way I don’t have lists for anything, oh except the vague shopping list that says things like fruit, veg, food, that is. If a bucket list had existed though, for the last ten years the top item on it would have read ‘Sleep in the stone circle at Avebury’, closely followed more recently by ‘Climb Glastonbury Tor’. Neither of these things would have been difficult to do when I lived in Hampshire, but having moved to Ireland some eighteen years ago, a journey, by car and either plane or boat plus a suitable amount of time was needed to reach them and so Avebury and Glastonbury have remained a distant dream. This year though found us with both the time and inclination to make the journey. The ferry was booked, the car loaded up and off we headed across land and sea to Avebury.

For the first night we stayed in a lovely B&B in East Kennet which gave us chance to visit the West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill on the way and the Sanctuary and part of the Ridgeway before  we left.

img_7129     img_7143

I have no idea why I wanted to sleep in the stone circle at Avebury and even having done it I still don’t but as with most things I have learnt to trust my intuition, roll with it and know that it may all make sense in time. I have also learnt that everything happens when it is supposed to, so the fact it has taken me ten years to do this is perfectly ok. So after a really long wait I got to spend my birthday inside the stones, walking in them, connecting with them, listening to a Hang Drum being played within them and yes, even sleeping in them 🙂


The following day it was time to fulfil my second ambition which was to climb Glastonbury Tor. When I was studying as a Bard with the OBOD I journeyed to a place that was my ‘Sacred Summit’ despite having never climbed it I recognised, in Non Ordinary Reality, the summit and the path immediately as being the Tor. This then was a chance to be there in Ordinary Reality too. Needless to say I also took the chance to walk between worlds while I was there 🙂

img_7297 img_7313

Making the most of our time in Glastonbury we also visited the Abbey and before leaving the town I was able to spend time sitting peacefully reflecting beside the Chalice Well.


Book Review: San Pedro The Gateway to Wisdom by Ross Heaven


San Pedro

The Gateway to Wisdom

by Ross Heaven 



I first saw San Pedro when travelling in Northern Peru. Our guide discovered I was interested in healing and proudly showed me a cactus with the words ‘You’ll know what this is then’. Only an inspired guess saved me, for although I had indeed heard of the plant I had never seen it before.

Even though I work as a shamanic healer and as such have worked with plants as teachers, I have never worked with any of ‘TheTeacher Plants’ of which San Pedro is one. Ross Heaven though has worked with all of them and ‘San Pedro The Gateway to Wisdom’ is part of his informative series on Shamanic Plant Spirits.

This is not a ‘how to’ book by any means and even though it contains information on the different San Pedro Ceremonies, as well as ways of preparing the medicine the author throughout encourages safe and responsible practice to the extent that there is a whole section on how to work safely with San Pedro.

Included in the book are detailed accounts of the properties of San Pedro and first hand experiences of Ross Heaven and a number of his students and clients as well as background. Information on Andean healing.
This is an easy to read book and is the perfect introduction to San Pedro for anyone with an interests in working with Plant Spirits themselves, or wishing to understand how San Pedro helps to heal.