Stirring up energy



I have spent the summer procrastinating, hovering between what to do, what not and not really making any firm decisions about anything really. I could blame this on the amazing summer we have had, the energy sapping heat, the fact that being in the garden has been much nicer than being anywhere else but really I can’t. Sometimes when things are like this it’s good to shift things around and stir up the energy a bit, or even a lot which is exactly what I have found myself doing over the last few days.

For the last few weeks I have been finding that I have been very drawn to water; rivers, the sea, any water with movement. Water is of course very cleansing and purifying, a good energy to use to release and is a great reminder about going with the flow rather than fighting against it.
Water is not a normal energy for me to work with as I am much more likely to be found using fire to transform and shift rather than water, but writing this now I am aware for the first time that having spent summer surrounded by fire in the form of the sun, which no doubt has been working away on me, that maybe now the opposing energy of water is exactly what I need.

In line with going with the flow and not questioning what I was drawn to do, armed with the hoover, a bowl of water and a sponge I set about cleaning my workspace, something I was feeling very strongly needed to be done. In order to work with water to clean though I also had to do some sorting out and throwing away, in itself a great form of releasing. Who knew I had so much stuff that I didn’t even know I had, and in some cases where it had come from. I found course notes from 10 years ago, print outs of information that had long since stopped being of any use to me not to mention training materials for therapies I have long stopped working with to any great extent. Of course once I started on one area there was another that caught my attention. Deciding to move a bookcase meant that it needed clearing off first. In order to move it to a new place I needed to sort out my CD rack and so it went on until the whole room had been cleared, cleaned and rearranged.

I should have felt tired after doing this and the next day I did ache more than a little, but above everything I felt energised and this feeling has continued to hold. Going into my workspace now feels different, fresher, new in some way. The energy in there has changed as has mine. I’m not sure that I am any nearer making those decisions but for now that doesn’t matter. I am ready to enjoy the new energy, and to see where it takes me; as with water just going with the flow of it all, being, observant, being mindful and feeling excited about where I might end up.