How Did You Find Your Path?

Ok so I didn’t manage to get back here to blog last week but hopefully better late than never 🙂

Having found the blog prompts last week I thought the best place to start was at the beginning so here we are with prompt 1:

‘How did you find your path?

I think the best way for me to answer this question, is that in many ways my path found me.

It all began with an article in the local newspaper, one written by a woman who had trained in Reiki and who was writing about the ways that it could be used, including on yourself. With a busy, some times stressful, always very full time, job, I liked the idea of something that could be done for yourself. At that time I might have managed to get myself to the gym for a swim but scheduling an appointment for someone to do something for me was never going to happen.

But of course having read about it I promptly forgot all about it until several years, a new country, new home, and a couple of jobs later, when I opened yet another local paper and saw an advertisement for a weekend Reiki 1 course. Having just moved house and not yet having found a proper job I decided I couldn’t justify the expense and so left it go once again.

Eventually, with a few prompts and a gentle push from my husband, I actually managed to get myself to a Reiki 1 course and that’s when everything changed. I quickly found myself not only using Reiki for myself, but also on friends who would turn up on my doorstep having heard from other friends that I could ‘do Reiki’. I fell in love with the energy hook, line and sinker and went on to do both my Reiki 2 and then my Reiki Master’s training.

It was during my Reiki Master’s training that my path shifted yet again or perhaps it’s fairer to say that Reiki opened a door for me and I found myself walking what I now know to be a shamanic path through some spontaneous shamanic journeying during which I met the first of my guides, one who taught me how to walk in woods, work with plants and how to make offerings to my allies. At the time I didn’t have a name for any of this and it wasn’t until some time later that I realised that what I was doing, how I was working, and the path I was walking actually had a name.

There have been many twists and turns in my path since then. I have trained in things I no longer use, all of which have influenced me and left their mark on me in some way, after all nothing happens by accident. The latest twist has seen me step onto the path of the Order of the Bards, Ovates and Druids, something I was guided to do but which I am still waiting to discover where it is leading. Sometimes I think I know, then something changes and I am left in the dark once again which is fine. If nothing else, over the years I have learnt to trust and just go with the flow.

At present I am wandering deep within the forest on the path of the Ovate, trusting that when the time is right, when what I have learnt is needed, I will understand why I needed to be on this part of my path. What I am completely certain of though, is that Reiki and Shamanism are as much part of me as breathing is and they will always be part of my path wherever it takes me in the future.

A ‘New’ Challenge :)

I need something to keep me blogging otherwise I have a tendency to drift. The challenge I found the first year worked brilliantly as it was flexible enough for me to always find something to write about. It was simple and used the alphabet, so week one was a post beginning with A and so on. I also had a Facebook group in which to share my blog which I also liked. Last year the only challenge I found didn’t suit me at all. I actually found the pressure of searching for something to say about things that were outside my experience quite stressful so I stopped and consequently so did my blog 😦

I thought I had found a challenge for this year but its mainly about tarot which I don’t use but today I discovered this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.49.22

I’m not sure where its from as I couldn’t find the Facebook group when I searched but that doesn’t matter. I have 52 headings that I can use for blog prompts, if it doesn’t link to anywhere I am under no pressure to write when I don’t have anything to say and both of those points make it flexible enough for me this year 🙂

So I am going to start with the first prompt and sometime during the week will be back with a new post.Lets see if I can keep this one up.

Should opening your wardrobe/closet ever make you feel anxious?


Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 11.57.00

I am all for decluttering, clearing things out and recycling or rehoming them. When the urge is strong to throw stuff away, to clear out cupboards, drawers, that space under the bed, the loft and so on, its usually a sign that a shift is taking place and the letting go of possessions reflects what is happening energetically for us. Clearing out and letting go on all levels allows new things to come in once we create space for them, even if that is just a few new outfits in the sales 🙂 Decluttering and making space on all levels is healthy and something we all need to be doing as often as we can.

Today though the radio is on and I have just listened to Annemarie O’Connor, author of the ‘Happy Closet’ talking about how for most of us opening our closet fills us with anxiety, how we should think of our clothes as staff members and ask if they contribute to our bottom line or if they need to be, I think the term used was, ‘redeployed’.

At this point I must admit I stopped listening and went to clear out the cupboard in the kitchen that contains our tinned foods. This was nothing, I should make very clear, to do with my being inspired by the conversation on the radio but everything to do with my opening a tin of chick peas last night that hissed like a can of coke as I did so. Scary stuff that along with visions of cans with long passed expiry dates exploding meant the clear out was long overdue.

Maybe its something to do with the fact that now I no longer ‘go out’ to work I slob around in tracksuit bottoms and a fleece preferring comfort over power dressing. When I work with clients or students I also need to be comfortable which means newer, smarter, sports trousers and a newer, smarter fleece. Sometimes I go all out and wear a long, loose velvet skirt or leggings and tunic but always something that I can relax in as I work.

A couple of years ago I also decided to only buy things I loved. Just liking something or it being a bargain in the sales no longer cuts it. I have to put something on, it has to feel perfect and only then does it come home. Even before this though I can’t ever remember opening my wardrobe and feeling anxious.

I also feel that if opening a wardrobe/closet is making anyone feel anxious, unless its the thought of the monster living in there that comes out at night, or being transported to Narnia if one ventures in too far, then there is something deeper going on, something that needs bringing to light, acknowledging and addressing. Self esteem, self worth, self value, self confidence, spring immediately to mind here but there are many underlying problems it could be.

Neither clothes nor any other possessions should ever make you anxious.

When would I decline to read for or work with a client?

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 16.43.42

I have decided to use Pagan Blog Prompts on Facebook to keep me blogging this year. Without a challenge last year I found it much harder and as many of you reading this will know I drifted back and forth for most the time rather than posting with anything like consistency.

The promo this week was concerning whether there were instances where you would decline to read Tarot for anyone. The original blog post that generated this prompt can be read here at Luna Sage.

I actually don’t read tarot at all nor in fact do I use cards for readings, apart from drawing some for a yearly spread, which is another story completely as I have yet to do one for the coming 12 calendar months. I do though read for others through Spirit Guide Readings and Auragraph Readings. If you follow the links you can find out more about what these entail but suffice to say that they do involve me in reading for other people so follow the same principles as Tarot.

Having given the question some thought I would decline to read for anyone in the following circumstances:

  • If the person was under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs – this is a premise I follow for all of my work and I would refuse a client for anything under these circumstance.
  • If I had drunk alcohol – again I never work with anyone if I have had an alcoholic drink of any kind.

Actually now I am writing this I have realised that the criteria for declining to read for someone are simply part of my general ethics so would apply for energy or shamanic healing as well as to readings. So let me change the question here to”

‘When would I decline to work with a client’?

The answer, apart from the reasons already stated is:

  • If I was too tired to read for someone
  • If I was unwell and or my energy was very low
  • If the client was asking me to do something that was outside of my capabilities
  • If I felt at risk from the client for any reason
  • If it seemed the client was not benefiting from the work we were doing together
  • If I was being asked to diagnose

I am sure there are other reasons I have overlooked but luckily I am fortunate to attract great clients and students and so can count on one hand the number of times I have refused someone. With distance work including readings if I am having a ‘bad’ day then I can usually adjust the work or reading to a day when I am ok again. In fact I often have to wait to do a distance reading until the person’s guide(s) are ready to work with me, our conversely I have been known to be dragged into a reading by people’s guides much sooner than planned due to their impatience to work 🙂

Like the author of the original blog, I know I have a choice as to when and if I work and to whom I work with. This is healthy and means that I am respecting myself and m,y own safety as well as that of my client.





Getting going

I could blame the recent inertia on the weather, the floods on a million and one things but some reflection points to only one thing in all honesty and that is the fact the start of the calendar year doesn’t really hold any great meaning for me anymore.

For the last couple of years I have been training with the Order of the Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD). Initially as a Bard I lived the eight fold wheel of the year though the ritual of the festivals, Imbolc, Spring Equinox or Alban Eilir, Beltane, Summer Solstice or Alban Hefin, Lughnasadha, Autumn Equinox or Alban Elfed, Samhain and Winter Solstice or Alban Arthan. This meant that in terms of ritual, my new year slipped in and out around Samhain.

New to working the passing of the year in this way I struggled with the seasonal entity of Christmas 2014, feeling out of sync with the dates of the cultural festival. The start of the new year though, the opening of the brand new diary, the filling in of dates and appointments was as much part of my own ritual as anything else that I did.

This year though has been different for I am now wandering deep in the forest know as the Ovate grade. Here I have felt less need to perform the eight rituals but instead have been moving closer to living the wheel of the year. This has meant that I have found myself developing a much closer and deeper awareness of the day by day changes of the seasons rather than focusing on the one moment in time that the rituals had been for me as a Bard.

At Christmas we were both slow enough to put up the tree. For the first time  I was fully aware of how I was simply going through the motions without any attachment to them in any way. It goes without saying of course that I enjoyed the chance to meet with friends, the time to sit, catch up without other demands on our time and share to food. In busy lives this time year provides a rare enough chance to spend time in this way.

Somewhere along the road prior to Christmas I had managed to remember to buy a new diary. This diary far from being pulled out on 1st January, has sat on the side unopened, unnoticed and unwanted until last night when I managed to find the motivation to pick it up and make it up for the coming months, transferring dates and notes from the old one. It was this that made me notice how little impact the shift from 2015 to 2016 had made one me. There had been no excitement about the newness of the year, no interest in the chance to shape the weeks or months ahead, simply a gentle rolling forward, a following on from what had been there before. This then made me appreciate that there had been another shift in my own alignment with the wheel of the year and where Christmas had been the time I noticed this in 2014, in 2015 the awareness came with New Year.

Without the setting of resolutions, the newness of the year or anything else connected with it to get me going, I now need to fall back on my own resources, to shake off the inertia of the last weeks. The diary is made up, dates are inked or penciled in, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and Imbolc isn’t to far away so maybe it won’t be too difficult.:)



Today we went on an adventure

Today we went on an adventure. It should have been a simple enough job really, that of popping in to town to get some shopping as we had run out of fresh fruit and vegetables after Christmas and New Year. The problem here is that it has hardly stopped raining and not only did our town flood badly for the second time in three weeks but the ‘main’ road between us and town has been destroyed by the floods.

I use the word ‘main’ very loosely here as although it is the main road to town it is far from being a main road. We live in the country, a rural townland on the edge of a small village. Our ‘main’ road is a two lane country road, made narrower by the water running down either side, created by overflow from the river and way too much rain, plus the overgrown hedgerow which no-one cuts back any more, and the crumbling edges of the road itself. It is though our main road, all others are back roads and although they get to town, are longer, twister and even narrower. Of course we also had no idea what state they were in or which way was open.

So we set off in the car wearing coats and walking boots….just in case…..with a vague plan of where we were going and no idea if the shops we needed would be open when we got there.

The first road we tried leads to the main road, which we already knew was closed but which we knew we could turn off before the destroyed part, only to find out that this road was closed too. Meeting a neighbour in town later we learnt that a section of this had also been washed away by the rain. Turning round we decided to give the dairy road which leads to another way into town, a miss. Shorter maybe but awash with mud it didn’t look a good idea, so we took the longer route through the village and out the other side, in completely the wrong direction.

Luckily this way, albeit much longer, was clear, dry and free from any serious potholes, ones that can swallow the car whole and so we made it into town. Having achieved this amazing feat we treated ourselves to blueberry pancakes with frozen yoghurt and lots of coffee for our breakfast 🙂 We then shopped, loaded the car with fresh veg, fruit, bird food and a few other bits and bobs in case we got stuck in again over the winter and headed of home…..a different way!

Well, it seemed important to see if we had an alternative route….

We kinda did….the road was open but muddy, wet and with so many new pot holes in places that the journey was slow and careful, but shorter in distance although maybe not in terms of time.

So we now know there are two ways into town, today at least, for tonight and tomorrow and probably the days after too, the forecast is for rain. The town has an Orange weather warning now, the river is rising steadily and has been since midday. Hopefully it won’t flood again, hopefully none of the small rivers will burst their banks, hopefully next time I need to get to town the roads I now know are open still are. One adventure like this in the first few days of the year is enough really, unless its something way more exciting than getting shopping that is.