For healing and for peace

We live in difficult times at the moment and there are many that are suffering, not just as a result of Friday’s attacks in Paris but as a result of what is happening every day somewhere in the world.

So what can we do that might make a difference, that might help healing, not just on a personal or local level, but on a world level?

I don’t pretend to know the answer but I do know it is not by retaliating, by being angry nor by being afraid for fear feeds fear. I also know that on an individual level what we feel we can do, or feel able to do, can seem very small. If though we stop seeing ourselves as individuals and see ourselves as part of a world wide collective we may find we are very powerful indeed, or at least a lot more powerful than we are on our own.

This weekend I attended a workshop and as part of the day we mediated, not on the world situation but on raising our awareness, our consciousness to the highest level possible at that time on that day. In that state of expanded consciousness we sent out our intentions, many of which were connected with, if not the actual words, certainly the sense of peace and love. This felt incredibly powerful and when we drew back into our bodies left us feeling almost stunned by the power of it, of the peace we felt within us and of the space we had been in.

Today I received a request via a group I belong to, a request that we join together at 10 pm tonight (Monday 16th) to send Reiki to the world. Another group is organising a day of distance healing for next weekend, others I know of are taking time out of their lives to sit and send healing or healing prayers, or to light candles all in the name of peace for everywhere in the world, for mankind as a whole. And so it starts, and so may the momentum, the desire for peace be spread.

Today I was reminded of the Druid Prayer and in checking on the OBOD website that this was something I could share I also came across there an Irish Blessing. Both of those I am sharing below along with a link here for the powerful Hawiian reconciliation and forgiveness practice of Ho’oponopo

Ho’oponopo is based on four steps the order of which do not matter

Repentance – ‘I AM SORRY’

Asking forgiveness – ‘PLEASE FORGIVE ME’

Gratitude – ‘THANK YOU’

Love – ‘I LOVE YOU’

The Druid Prayer 

Grant O Great Spirit/Goddess/God/Holy Ones Thy Protection

And in protection, strength

And in strength, understanding

And in understanding, knowledge

And in knowledge, the knowledge of justice

And in the knowledge of justice, the love of it

And in that love,  the love of all existences

And in the love of all existences,  the love of Great Spirit/Goddess/God/Holy Ones, the Earth our mother and all goodness

Irish Blessing 

Deep peace to you

Deep peace of the running wave to you

Deep peace of the flowing air to you

Deep peace of the quiet earth to you

Deep peace of the shining stars to you


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