Being Grateful

I can still remember being on a course as few years ago and admitting that I found being grateful difficult. It’s not the being grateful as such because when I stop and think about it I am grateful for so much, it’s more that I forget to be grateful on a moment by moment or even a day by day basis, if that makes sense.

The last couple of days though I have been very conscious of being grateful.

Recently I have made a decision to cut down, at least for the rest of this year, on how often I am available to see clients. I am grateful for having the freedom and flexibility to be able to make this decision. I am grateful for having such a rich and varied life that I need to make this decision in the first place and I am grateful that I have reached a place in my life where I know it is ok to take a step back sometimes, that I don’t feel guilty for saying ‘no’.

Today I felt gratitude in quite a different way when I awoke to rain and wind, something that could have made me feel quite the opposite. After being aware that things, on the surface anyway, had been stagnant, or stationary at least, for sometime, the wind felt as if it was here to blow away the stagnancy and herald the start of a change. Just as when I open all the windows to clear the energy of my home so it seemed as if the wind was blowing my cobwebs away.

By the time I was up it had stopped raining and deciding I needed some fresh air, to be outside in the wind, I collected up a basket and ventured down the garden to collect up windfall branches to dry out for kindling for the fire. Outside I realised I was not only grateful for the wind but also for the trees who were providing the kindling for us over the winter. I then realised how grateful I was for the mildness of the day which meant that in the second week of November I could be outside barefoot and not be cold.

No doubt I have missed other reasons to be grateful during this time but for me this feels like as abundance of gratitude, and for that I am also grateful.