Eggs in Shamanic Healing



One of my first blog posts for the Pagan Blog Project when it was running and when I first began this blog, was about Eggs. I am not going to rewrite the post again but am going to give you the link here as I do believe it is worth revisiting.


I really should have titled the post Eggs in Shamanic Healing as that is where my interest and fascination lay and still lies if I am being honest.

I love the idea that something we use in our kitchens can also be a tool in our healing. We often think of things in the garden, that which we find in nature such as stones, plants, or feathers in this way but not necessarily an item of food.

Since I first discovered how to make use of eggs in my shamanic healing work they have become a useful tool and one that I use whenever it is needed. I am still fascinated by the way in which an egg rolled over the body can pick up information about the state of the body and which can then impart that knowledge to me through my interpretation of what it shows me. I have carried out some insightful and powerful healing thanks to eggs and hope to continue to do so as long as they are happy to work with me in this way.

If you haven’t looked at the link yet but are now intrigued…here it is again Eggs  Enjoy 🙂

Gong Bath and Sound Journey

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 13.47.14

The first time I had any form of sound healing was when a local therapy rooms played host to a Sound Healer from, if I remember correctly, South Africa. Here the healer worked intuitively using drums, rattles, bells and more. It was my first introduction to sound being used as a form of healing and I was fascinated by it.

As a Shamanic Healer I often use a lot of sound in my work and here I work with the spirit of the instruments allowing them to find imbalances and disturbances in energy of a person or place. I allow them to play as they need to in order to clear or shift whatever they have found and to bring healing and balance. In my work I might use one or more of my singing bowls, shamanic drums, rattles, bells or chimes, all of which have different spirits, energies and voices and who work in many different ways.

I also work with these instruments when performing my own version of a sound healing, working with their spirits as always, along with the enemies of those I am working on.

Yesterday though I attended my first Gong Bath and Sound Journey. There were singing bowls, various forms of chimes, a wave drum, shamanic drum, instruments I do not know the name of, plus two fabulous gongs. It really was a bath of sound, energy and vibration as the waves washed over me, healing and shifting in their own waves, but it was the gongs that carried me deep into a shamanic journey so that for me at least, the real healing could take place.

I have neither the space or the need for a gong yet there is a part of me that now desires one. This is not going to happen but at least with the wonderful and talented Sharon Quigley moving around  the area I live in, bringing her Gong Bath and Sound Journey to those of us not living in the city I will have ample opportunity to be bathed in sound as often as I feel drawn to do so.

The photo is of some of the instruments used in the Gong Bath and Sound Journey by Druid’s Cave.


Deer and Elk Solstice Rattles



The empty and dried shells

The rattles that I began at solstice are finished at last 🙂 I should probably explain here that the delay isn’t that I have been very slow in finishing them, rather that they have taken a long time to dry out thoroughly. This wasn’t helped of course by stuffing the wet heads with damp sand which became damper and heavier as it soaked up the water from the hides.

After 27 hrs, a large proportion of which was with the rattles hung on the washing line to dry with the elements of air and fire doing their best to assist, I decided to take a chance that they were hard enough and empty the sand out to create empty shells so they would stand a better chance of drying. This helped enormously and once the hide was hard I could play with adding and subtracting the stones that I had been drawn to use to make the ‘rattle’, until I found a sound for each of them that shifted energy in a way that spoke to me.

I then of course had to empty the stones out and place them safely to one side so that the necks of the heads could be re soaked as I needed them soft enough to fit the handles tightly when they were re tied.

Having earlier decided that I would experiment with deer and elk lacing to fit the heads to the handles this had been soaking in the same water I used to soak the heads and so by now was ready to go. Once the necks were soft I refilled the heads with the stones and then laced them to the handles which I had by then polished with beeswax.

Then as with everything else with these rattles, they needed to be hung again so the neck, lacing and heads could completely dry out. I have now lost track of the time these have taken but like everything when crafting, especially when creating tools, there is no way of rushing, everything has to be done with awareness and given the time and space to develop its spirit as the work progresses.

I still have to spend time meeting and working with the spirit of these rattles, getting to know and understand them,  how they will work with me and if they wish to be decorated in any way. But for now at least my solstice rattles are complete 🙂

Deer Rattle

Deer Rattle

Elk Rattle

Elk Rattle


When would I decline to read for or work with a client?

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 16.43.42

I have decided to use Pagan Blog Prompts on Facebook to keep me blogging this year. Without a challenge last year I found it much harder and as many of you reading this will know I drifted back and forth for most the time rather than posting with anything like consistency.

The promo this week was concerning whether there were instances where you would decline to read Tarot for anyone. The original blog post that generated this prompt can be read here at Luna Sage.

I actually don’t read tarot at all nor in fact do I use cards for readings, apart from drawing some for a yearly spread, which is another story completely as I have yet to do one for the coming 12 calendar months. I do though read for others through Spirit Guide Readings and Auragraph Readings. If you follow the links you can find out more about what these entail but suffice to say that they do involve me in reading for other people so follow the same principles as Tarot.

Having given the question some thought I would decline to read for anyone in the following circumstances:

  • If the person was under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs – this is a premise I follow for all of my work and I would refuse a client for anything under these circumstance.
  • If I had drunk alcohol – again I never work with anyone if I have had an alcoholic drink of any kind.

Actually now I am writing this I have realised that the criteria for declining to read for someone are simply part of my general ethics so would apply for energy or shamanic healing as well as to readings. So let me change the question here to”

‘When would I decline to work with a client’?

The answer, apart from the reasons already stated is:

  • If I was too tired to read for someone
  • If I was unwell and or my energy was very low
  • If the client was asking me to do something that was outside of my capabilities
  • If I felt at risk from the client for any reason
  • If it seemed the client was not benefiting from the work we were doing together
  • If I was being asked to diagnose

I am sure there are other reasons I have overlooked but luckily I am fortunate to attract great clients and students and so can count on one hand the number of times I have refused someone. With distance work including readings if I am having a ‘bad’ day then I can usually adjust the work or reading to a day when I am ok again. In fact I often have to wait to do a distance reading until the person’s guide(s) are ready to work with me, our conversely I have been known to be dragged into a reading by people’s guides much sooner than planned due to their impatience to work 🙂

Like the author of the original blog, I know I have a choice as to when and if I work and to whom I work with. This is healthy and means that I am respecting myself and m,y own safety as well as that of my client.





Working with Flower Essences


Although I trained to work with Australian Bush Flower Essences to the level of Advanced Practitioner and have been working with them ever since I qualified, I have just made the decision to stop. In many ways this feels like a strange decision as I know how effectively they work and how they support healing. I also like the fact I can give clients something to take away with them…..but….

I have for a while now been feeling that using essences that come from the other side of the world is not the best thing to be doing. I have also been aware that the dosage I need to prescribe the essences in is far higher than the standard dose would be in Australia. Sometimes I have even prescribed the essences to be taken as stock essences rather than watered down into prescribed ones. Working with a pendulum to determine the strength and dosage of essences means that I can always tell what is needed and it really does vary from the standard dose in most cases.

As part of my training I learnt to make essences, have made them in the past and this is now what I am drawn to do. Working with plants that are native really feels the right way to go as these are the plants that resonate with those of use who live in this environment. I do know that I could buy local essences from others who are already making them but again this doesn’t feel the right way to go.

Sitting with the plant, connecting with its spirit, journeying to meet its spirit, listening, observing, testing by taking the essences, really does feel the best way to move forward now and so yesterday saw me doing just this with Primrose.

I am lucky with the weather as to make essences I need sun and for once sun is what I have. Lots and lots of it 🙂 My Primrose Mother Tincture is now made and so I am looking forward to really meeting its spirit, getting to know it, not from a book and from what someone else says, but from journeying and first hand experiential work.

I recognise that it will take me a while to build up a stock of Mother Tinctures for I can only work with the plants as they come into season but in a world that is always in a hurry, where everything can be bought at a price, there is something very special about having to slow down and to work directly with nature at its pace not my own or anyone else’s.

Doing something I don’t enjoy

Earlier today I needed to take some photos, or rather get my husband to take some, for Shaman Moon, a blog column I write in Indie Shaman Magazine. This should have been easy, we were both around, we had time and when we first woke the sun was shining but then the sea mists closed in. By the time we were both ready to move outside with the camera and my drum it was grey and murky. So I did what I would do in most situations like this – I asked for clarity, which in some cases can mean being still and listening or it can mean paying attention in other ways, using other senses.

As soon as I had asked I noticed the daffodils coming into bloom and realised that the light of the sun comes in many forms. I then noticed that there were no shadows to affect the photos, that it may not be sunny but it was at least dry and from this I knew there was no putting it off.

Sometimes I can place ridiculous restrictions around myself or things I need to do especially when it’s not something that I want to do. Restrictions such as I will do that if x and y are so, and if x and y are not so, the opportunity may be missed completely. There are times when it is necessary and acceptable to do this, when doesn’t feel right to do something for example, but sometimes it is just a delaying tactic, something that I construct when I don’t really want to do something, a form of resistance as it were. This was certainly the case with the photos. I don’t particularly enjoy having my photos taken, or rather I don’t mind the taking of them, it is seeing them afterwards that can be the problem. I, probably like many of us, have an image in my head of how I’d like to be seen, and when I look at photos I don’t often see this. Instead I see myself getting older, my hair not how I hoped it was looking, my clothes not the way I thought they were and so on and so forth.

Getting over myself I dragged my husband off the computer, out into the garden and instead of worrying about anything just told him to keep clicking, to let things flow and in the flowing maybe, just maybe there would be something that didn’t make me cringe.

Monday Musings – Becoming a Bard

According to the dictionaries, in medieval times a Bard was a tribal singer, poet or one who recites epic or heroic poems, but having just spent around 18 months studying the Bardic level of the Order of the Bards, Ovates and Druids I can safely say that I am still none of those.

I can’t sing, my poetry is naive to say the least and I have a memory like a sieve so reciting anything yet alone an epic or heroic poem is completely out of the question.

So what did becoming a Bard do for me?

Without giving any secrets away, for the OBOD is a basically a mystery school where everything is unfolded as you reach it, rather than like a lot of courses and training, presented upfront, I can safely say that for me the Bardic training gave me a different outlook on many aspects of my life, it helped to shift and heal more than a few things for me, connected me on a much deeper level with the elements as well as with myself, but above all it taught me patience.

In the modern world we are used to having everything at our fingertips, to being able to make things happen, get information instantly and so on and so forth and it did me good to work in a way where this doesn’t happen. There is something really exciting about having to wait and see what comes next, anticipating the arrival of the next set of materials, not knowing what is coming, what is ahead. There is also something incredibly freeing about knowing that there are no right or wrong answers to anything, no right or wrong way of doing anything, there is just the way it happens for you. There is also freedom in being given the space to allow everything to unfold at the right pace and in its own time.

I talk often about how our lives turn in cycles, about how we have to go through life, death and rebirth continuously in all we do but for 18 months I lived this over and over. Many times I had no choice but to be still and wait, to focus only on what was happening, on the journey and not the outcome, waiting to see how and when I would come out the other side. This then spilt over into other areas of my life.

When we are working on ourselves not everything comes instantly in fact far from it. I know this from working as a healer and trainer and I have infinite patience with clients and students but not so with myself yet through training as a Bard I learnt to treat myself more gently, I learnt to allow myself the time to complete something and enjoy the completion of it rather than looking at where it might lead me.

During the training I was working on a piece of art work, a piece where I was finding the process frustratingly slow, then something clicked and I found the work became like a meditation, it was calming and restful. I found myself enjoying the process of making the art, each tiny piece at a time became enough in itself. Instead of looking at how much I still had to do I found I was enjoying and getting satisfaction from working for hours on a very small area of the picture. This is not like me or at least not like the who I was before I began training as a Bard.

And maybe that is partly what a Bard is, not specifically a singer, a poet or a reciter of epic tales, but someone who gives their full attention to whatever they are doing, who lives in the moment, who lets the creative process unfold rather than worrying about the outcome, who allows it all to happen without getting in the way, who knows when to stop and wait and when to move on, someone who enjoys the journey rather than the destination.

Pagan Blog Project – Xylomancy

imageI know that is was not necessary to find a blog post for ‘X’ but I love discovering new terminology so decided to take the letter X as a challenge and in doing so I discovered Xylomancy.

Xylomancy it seems is the art of divination using wood. Now divination is a subject close to my heart as it plays a large role in shamanism. There are of course many ways of divining such as through the use of cards, stones, cloud formations, runes, shamanic journeying and so on, the list is long. Wood though is a new one on me.

Derived from the Greek words xylo, meaning wood and manteia, meaning divination, Xylomancy is divination of past, present or future, using twigs, pieces of wood or the fallen branches of trees.

Like in all forms of divination where artifacts are used, in Xylomancy attention is paid to the location, overall formation and patterns made by the wood, as well as the size, shape and colour of each piece.

In ancient times attention was paid to the formation and patterns of pieces or wood found in a persons path, these were then interpreted by seers and soothsayers.

Later on the practice evolved so that pieces of naturally fallen wood were stripped of half of their bark and then scattered on the ground. The formations of those pieces which fell stripped side uppermost were then interpreted by those able to do so.

Another form of Xylomancy is to interpret the appearance of wood when it is burning.

Like all forms of divination, the secret it seems is to be able to interpret what is being shown to you.

Pagan Blog Project – Questions

imageAs far back as I can remember I asked questions about absolutely everything. I’m not sure I ever took anything at face value. As a child I must have annoyed the hell out of everyone but asking questions has stood me in good stead as I have grown older.

It is questions that help us to make sense of things, of what we are faced with, the world we live in, in fact just about everything and anything that is going on in our lives. By asking questions of both ourselves and others we not only find answers but gain insight and understanding.

Asking questions helps us to develop discernment and discernment is such an important skill for anyone to have but especially when we are on a spiritual path of any kind. A quick trawl through Facebook alone will show you how many different therapies are on offer, both to train in and to receive. Alongside this there are those that offer readings, channelled messages, healing, advice on diet, products to use, products to avoid and so on. I could go on and on here but I’m sure you get the message. If we do not ask questions and use our powers of discernment it is all too easy to get caught up in the whole of this, to feel that we should be doing everything that is on offer. Due to the powers of the internet we are exposed to far more than in the past and so the ability to ask questions is even more important now.

Questions are also important for anyone involved in shamanic work. In a journey where you are meeting beings in spirit it is still necessary to ask questions and not just accept any being that comes along, nor what is said. Asking yourself questions, asking beings in spirit questions, helps you take decisions and make choices in non ordinary reality the same as it does in ordinary reality. Discernment when working shamanically is such an important skill.

Questions are also a key component of dowsing. Without questions dowsing doesn’t work. It is questions that leads the dowser, helps them find answers. If the question is ambiguous or badly worded the answer obtained is unclear. The more effective the question, the more effective the dowsing.

As a therapist I am always asking questions when working with clients. It is questions that help me to ascertain my clients needs and therefore questions that drives the healing. Listening to a client’s questions is also an important skill for through these questions I can obtain greater insight into how my client is feeling. I also need to be sure when I am working, that what I am picking up belongs to the client and is not mine. How else to know if I don’t question it.

When looking for healing for myself I also need to ask questions. Again it is these questions that help me to uncover what I need to do to help myself. The more I ask, the more information I can gather about what I need and the more effective any healing is.

When I work with my guides I also ask questions of them. One of my first experiences when working with my guides was to ask them a question. In answer to this question I was given a name. This name made no sense to me so I investigated. I trawled through the internet asking questions, I found answers which lead me to books and yet more questions, which lead to other books, until eventually I had the answer to my initial question. I asked my guides then why they hadn’t just told me this in the first place. Their answer was that I wouldn’t have believed it if they had. This I know to be true, it was the exploration and finding the real answer myself that led to my understanding.

It is not the answers that I am given by others, or which I uncover when I ask questions that is important. It is how that answer resonates with me. If it makes sense and fits with what I believe or know then I am happy to accept it. If not then it will lead me to ask other questions until I have the answer that I need. My belief is that we should never accept the answer to a question just because someone says it is so, nor should we ever feel that it us unacceptable to be asking questions for it is these that lead to insight and understanding.

So ask questions, see where they lead you, let them lead you into areas you may not already have explored and above all have fun in doing so.

Pagan Blog Project – Psychopomp

imageThe term ‘Psychopomp’ comes from the Greek works pompos, meaning a guide or conductor and psyche meaning breathe, life, soul or mind. So a psychopomp is someone who works to help spirits to move on after death, a kind if soul conductor. Another way of looking at it is that a psychopomp is a midwife for the dead.

Psychopomp is a skill learnt by many shaman, or those training in shamanic healing, but there are also others in the world who work as psychopomps either helping souls cross over at the time of death or helping them move on if they have remained earthbound for some reason. There are many reasons why a spirit remains earthbound such as unfinished business, guilt, fear, concern for those left behind, being held here by those left behind and dying suddenly or traumatically. Where there has been a natural or manmade disaster there may even be large numbers of discarnate spirits in need of assistance so that they can move on.

Being a discarnate spirit is not healthy either for the spirit or for those left behind so people who perform the role of a psychopomp provide a service that assists everyone. It is though a role that not everyone who works with shamanism is comfortable taking on.

As someone who works alone and is taught by their guides I was very reluctant to move towards doing psychopomp of any kind. I was concerned about all kinds of things from my own protection to whether I would really know what to do even with my guides assisting me, even though this never bothers me at any other time. I avoided psychopomp for a long time before finding myself in a place where I could assist someone move on in a controlled way for my own peace of mind. What follows is my first, but by no means my last experience of psychopomp.

I decided that the place I would visit via a middle world journey was the graveyard in the village, so having protected myself and built my power as fully as possible, I held the intention to journey there simply to explore:

The graveyard is quiet and there is an overall sense of calmness as I step in but I also sense that this calmness is very superficial. The first soul I see is an elderly man. He is sat on a stone and is carving a piece of wood. He is dressed in an old shirt and waistcoat, calf length trousers with long socks and dark lace up shoes. He seems quite content to be there and completely focused on the wood in his hands.

The second soul is a young man in his 20s who seems very distressed. Dressed in jeans, hoody and trainers, he is wandering up and down between the graves, pacing almost. As I draw near I can see he is quite agitated, talking to himself, hands constantly moving, wringing each other.

The third and final soul I can see is a female child about 6 years old. She has a completely blank look on her face as if she is empty of emotion but is pushing a dolls pram which she is banging against the edge of a grave. I am unsure whether this is out of frustration or to try and get attention.

There are other people in the graveyard, people who are flesh and blood, still very much alive. They are putting flowers on graves and tidying them but even though the souls pass close to them they are totally unaware of the soul’s existence.

The souls have form and colour of sorts but those who are alive are more solid, brighter and have a vibrancy about them that the souls lack.

Having visited for a look around the graveyard I decided then to return to ordinary reality before returning with the intention of helping a soul move on, if in fact one wished to do so.

I make sure I am protected and that my energy is as strong as it possibly can be before I journey back to the graveyard with the intention of helping one soul towards the light.

As I enter the graveyard once again, the elderly man stands and moves towards me. He looks at me with clear blue eyes, ‘Can you help me miss?’ he says.

I ask him what he needs and he tells me that he has been stuck here, waiting, for a long time. He has seen people come and go but he is always left behind.

I tell him that I thought he seemed content but he tells me he has learnt patience because he knew that one day someone would come to help him. He asks me again if I can help.

I ask him if he is ready to move on, if there is anything he needs before he goes, if there are any messages for anyone. He tells me that everyone he knows is long gone and that he is ready.

I call upon my allies for help and am guided to put my hand in my pocket. This I do and I pull out the large shiny black stone that I find there. In my hand it glows and becomes hot. I hold my hand in front of me, arm outstretched and it is as if the stone melts the fabric of the air in front of me.

A tunnel appears, it looks like a railway tunnel, brick around the entrance and the dark passage beyond. The man beside me laughs and I can feel his excitement. I hear voices and as they come towards us, footsteps too. With them they bring the light, the closer they get the brighter the light until the light is all there is.

The voices take shape and move towards us. A woman holds out her hands, a child’s voice calls ‘Grandad’ and the man beside me begins to move towards them. I walk with him but he needs no encouragement. He turns to me, touches his forehead with his hand says ‘thank you miss I’ll be going now’ and with that he moves towards those who have come to meet him. They envelop him in their midst and as they do the tunnel folds in upon itself and is gone……and I am once more back in my room.