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I am not sure if I have mentioned this before or not but I don’t meditate. This is something that often comes as a surprise to people, especially my students when they first hear it.

I have a theory about it though and that theory is connected with my shamanic work. In shamanism when I shift into light or deep trance there is always a reason for it. I am always seeking insight or information or am carrying out a task of some kind in either ordinary or non ordinary reality. Were my intention to be to empty my mind and for it to stay that way then I would not  be able to do my work.

It’s not as if I haven’t tried. I can clearly remember when I was training  in Chios Energy Healing talking to my tutor about the difficulties I was having with the meditation. The meditation in Chios is an important part of the practice and in it the mind is cleared while the energy of the human body shifts to energetically become what is required of it. However, when I practiced when training my mind would fill with images, with scenes unfolding, information being imparted as they did so. I would push them away only for them to return almost immediately. Discussing this with my tutor I was told to just allow them to be, for they were there for a reason. And so I did and still do. None of this affects my ability to free my energy from its human bounds to allow it to be something else in any way.

What I do instead of meditating is I do Reiki. Through self treatments I am able to be still and even though I follow the energy, am aware of where it is working in me and yes sometime receive information and insight even when self treating it still brings me into that meditative state. Fortunately there have been studies that have shown practicing Reiki to have the same effect on the brain as meditation so I am completely content with what I do.


How Did You Find Your Path?

Ok so I didn’t manage to get back here to blog last week but hopefully better late than never 🙂

Having found the blog prompts last week I thought the best place to start was at the beginning so here we are with prompt 1:

‘How did you find your path?

I think the best way for me to answer this question, is that in many ways my path found me.

It all began with an article in the local newspaper, one written by a woman who had trained in Reiki and who was writing about the ways that it could be used, including on yourself. With a busy, some times stressful, always very full time, job, I liked the idea of something that could be done for yourself. At that time I might have managed to get myself to the gym for a swim but scheduling an appointment for someone to do something for me was never going to happen.

But of course having read about it I promptly forgot all about it until several years, a new country, new home, and a couple of jobs later, when I opened yet another local paper and saw an advertisement for a weekend Reiki 1 course. Having just moved house and not yet having found a proper job I decided I couldn’t justify the expense and so left it go once again.

Eventually, with a few prompts and a gentle push from my husband, I actually managed to get myself to a Reiki 1 course and that’s when everything changed. I quickly found myself not only using Reiki for myself, but also on friends who would turn up on my doorstep having heard from other friends that I could ‘do Reiki’. I fell in love with the energy hook, line and sinker and went on to do both my Reiki 2 and then my Reiki Master’s training.

It was during my Reiki Master’s training that my path shifted yet again or perhaps it’s fairer to say that Reiki opened a door for me and I found myself walking what I now know to be a shamanic path through some spontaneous shamanic journeying during which I met the first of my guides, one who taught me how to walk in woods, work with plants and how to make offerings to my allies. At the time I didn’t have a name for any of this and it wasn’t until some time later that I realised that what I was doing, how I was working, and the path I was walking actually had a name.

There have been many twists and turns in my path since then. I have trained in things I no longer use, all of which have influenced me and left their mark on me in some way, after all nothing happens by accident. The latest twist has seen me step onto the path of the Order of the Bards, Ovates and Druids, something I was guided to do but which I am still waiting to discover where it is leading. Sometimes I think I know, then something changes and I am left in the dark once again which is fine. If nothing else, over the years I have learnt to trust and just go with the flow.

At present I am wandering deep within the forest on the path of the Ovate, trusting that when the time is right, when what I have learnt is needed, I will understand why I needed to be on this part of my path. What I am completely certain of though, is that Reiki and Shamanism are as much part of me as breathing is and they will always be part of my path wherever it takes me in the future.

Pagan Blog Project – Trusting Yourself

imageTrust in all its forms sometimes comes more easily than at others, but one of the hardest forms of trust seems to be connected with trusting yourself and whatever you pick up or know intuitively. I see this with my students, my clients and also with myself.

With Reiki and Chios students I see the uncertainly over the sensations that they are able to detect with their hands when they first begin to work, the disbelief that they, ‘ordinary’, ‘normal’ people (to use their own words) can pick up anything. This then magnifies the first time they get an image, words or a message or even worse, that sense of knowing something but not being able to say how they know.

With those who come to learn how to do shamanic journeying the most common feeling is that they are making it up, that it is all in their imagination. With past life regression clients, the belief that it is all in their imagination is also common. What helps here of course is if they discover a date or a name that they can Google and find.

I know exactly how they all feel for I have been there all too often myself.

When I first trained in Reiki and found myself picking up information, I too dismissed it, pushed it away, felt I was making it up or imagining it. Over the years I have learnt to trust myself. Feedback from clients when I am working with them, when I share insights has of course helped with this.

During one regression for myself I spent time in a life where something happened to me that made no sense and which I felt I had made up. I had though been given a date. When I Googled the date I discovered that there were things that happened historically during that particular year that matched the experience I had during that incarnation.

When I first began working with my guides and if I’m honest, for a long time afterwards I would ask for proof. I needed hard evidence that what I was feeling intuitively was in fact correct or at least real. When working with my guides I spent a lot of my time wondering if it was all in my head, if I was imagining it all and of course if I was imagining them. The hard evidence for me came a few years ago when I was lucky enough to be working with a psychic artist. She drew three of my guides for me and told me things about them that I knew but no one else could possibly know. This came at a time when I really did need proof, a time when I was questioning everything and it provided for me hard irrefutable evidence along with a message from them along the lines of ‘will you now stop asking for proof’.

I have lost count of how many times I have found myself knowing something but not having any idea of how I know it, or indeed why. This used to bother me enormously but now I just accept it and roll with it, knowing that if I need to know why I know, then at some point I will.

So why is it we find it so hard to trust ourselves and what we are able to pick up intuitively, through journeying, through regression, through using our senses? Sadly I don’t think there is a simple one word answer to this. Like most things to do with being here in human form it is complicated, or at least we make it so.

One of the first things we have to contend with is doubt. The doubt that comes from second guessing ourselves. This I see so often with those learning to dowse. The question is set, the pendulum swings and gives an answer, amplifying what we ourselves pick up, or would if we were to allow ourselves to be sensitive enough to do so, we get an answer…….and then we doubt it ….we question whether we could possibly have got an answer….so we ask again and double check. This is a huge mistake as with dowsing you should never question the answer, you just have to trust.

Another thing is fear. Fear of being wrong, of being seen to be wrong, fear of making a mistake, fear of getting it right then having to believe in ourselves….the list of fears is endless. Much of it is based on past experience and if we don’t allow ourselves to have the experience of trusting ourselves then how can we ever build up enough experience to believe we can just know and that the knowing we have is correct.

It is good and healthy, not to trust ourselves implicitly though. With ourselves we still need to be discerning, to question whether what we are feeling, what we know, makes sense on some level or other, whether it is safe or if by following it we put ourselves in danger. We would do this with anyone else and so we should with ourselves. Blind faith never served anyone well but a little faith and trust gets us a long way.

Taking Care of Me

I have no definite schedule for posting on my blog, just a loose intention to do so as often as possible or at least when I have something on my mind.

This past couple of weeks the thing that has been on my mind has been ….me

Following on from my work with fire and the unusual experience of having cystitis I was sent for an ultrasound as my abdomen was still tender. The ultrasound showed an ‘atypical’ area on one of my kidneys and next thing I knew I was scheduling a CT scan to look into this further.

The CT scan was arranged for the earliest possible date which was twelve days ahead. At first I was upset about the waiting around and period of not knowing but this was quickly followed but the realisation that the delay gave me the time to do what I could for myself and so it began.

The first step was to ask for those I work with or know via forums to send me Reiki, not for healing itself but to support the work I was going to be doing on myself. Any spare minute I placed my hands over the area of my kidney and/or my sacral chakra and allowed the healing energy to flow. I then moved on to calling in the energy I know as Chios and running this into my being alongside Reiki. As a master in each I have no qualms about running a mixture of energies and allowing each to work in the way that they need as well as using them north individually. During this time I began to experience the insight that whatever had shown up was not mine at all but belonged to a past life.

The second step then was to regress myself to the life that the ‘atypical’ area on my kidney belonged to. As I stepped into 1663 I was aware of myself in a fit male body dressed in a suit of jousting armour. Time moved on and I entered the joust only to find myself on the second pass, thrown from my horse, a lance sticking out of my left side and my body a broken bag of bones on the floor. I died there on the ground but not before I had moved out of my body, looked down on it and recognised what was happening. I re entered in time to feel my final breath leave me after which I found myself in a waiting area, discussing amongst other things, that which needed to be left behind in the life. Lifting my garment to show the wound in my left side it became clear that this had been missed previously. In the incarnation of my being in 1663 the person I had been showed great integrity by working with those present to ensure the wound was taken and locked up so that it could not be carried forward into the lives that followed.

Returning from the regression I understood that I had done as much as I could. That what needed or could be healed now, would be and all I could do was wait, continue to allow my body to heal, run the energies to support this healing and be patient. Checking myself with a pendulum confirmed this understanding.

On Monday I went for the CT scan, calm and relaxed, knowing that friends were supporting me and that I really had done all I could. During the scan the radiologist said that I might have been born with a ‘kink’ in my kidney. From what I now knew of one of my past lives this made sense.

Today I got the call I had been waiting for. The one that told me the wound had healed and there was no defect in my kidneys. I was ok.

I am now sitting here feeling so grateful for all that I experienced during this time, for the healing it has brought me and the friends that have supported me. Tomorrow really is a new day.

I love Teaching Reiki

imageI’m much later posting this than I would be most weeks as I’ve spent a good part of the day today doing one of the many things I love which is teaching. In this case I have been lucky enough to be teaching Reiki 1, the first level of Reiki.

As one of the most straightforward and uncomplicated forms of energy healing, Reiki is easy to learn and so seeing students begin to be aware of the energy, whether it be when giving or receiving is a real pleasure and often takes place surprisingly quickly. For many this will be their first experience of energy, whereas others may have experience of working with energy in other ways. With Reiki it doesn’t matter for it will always work with you exactly where you are and bring what you need whether you are training or having a Reiki treatment.

Although there are many books on Reiki and I too provide a handbook at each level, there is no real studying involved with Reiki, for all the teaching is through talking, questions, demonstrations and one of the most important aspects of Reiki, the practice of self treatments as well as learning how to share it with friends and family of course.

Many of my students stay in touch even if they go no further than Reiki 1 and one of my other pleasures is watching their growth, healing and development as they work with the universal life force energy that is Reiki.

My own journey began with Reiki and as it did with me it can open doors for others and lead them on in often surprising directions. One thing that is guaranteed is that Reiki will always bring change and everyone who comes to learn Reiki is seeking this even if they are not aware of it.

I certainly don’t remember actively looking for change although I must have been on some level as over the course of a couple of years I moved from a mainstream job with a contract to being a self employed therapist, a change I haven’t regretted for one minute. I am blessed in being able to work with what I love which is energy, whatever form it takes and also to be able to pass what I know onto others. For this and for finding Reiki, or rather Reiki finding me, I am eternally grateful.

You can learn a little more about Reiki here