Are you in or out of the closet?

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I had to laugh when I read the second blog prompt as I don’t really know how to answer it. I don’t think it was ever a case of being in or out of it really. I think for me it has been more a case of things shifting slowly and then realising where I’d ended up.

As a child I had a very mixed ‘religious’ upbringing anyway. Christened in a high Anglican church, Salvation Army Sunday School, then a house move and onto Congregational Church Sunday School as that was in the morning and we went out in the afternoon. Here I lucked out as the whole ethos was about taking what worked and leaving what didn’t. I grew up with the understanding that the bible was just a collection of stories, a way of explaining. The particular church I attended was open minded and inclusive so as a teenager I visited almost every denominational church that there was as part of the youth group. Nothing was excluded.

As an adult there was a gradual shift away from the church, a shift in my beliefs but always holding on to the understanding that this was not all there was, not by a long way, along with a belief in reincarnation and the desire to come back next time as a cat 🙂

Finding a shamanic path shifted me still further although I was horrified at first to see shamanism listed as an aspect of paganism for at that time I hadn’t made the connection all.

Of course since then there have been more shifts and studying with the OBOD is one of these.

Where I live, in an area where most people are Catholic, because I don’t go to church they assume I am protestant. If they asked I would tell them and where it comes up in conversation I do say.

So having waffled through that, sorted out my thoughts, I suppose the answer is yes, I’m out, if people ask.