No Resolutions – Lots of Intention


I never make New Year’s resolutions and in fact, never have. Growing up they were never part of my own experience as none of my family ever made them and the only time I was really aware of them being mentioned was by people discussing how quickly they had broken them, usually in connection to losing weight or giving up something they really enjoyed but felt others disapproved of. I guess I have never really seen the point of making a resolution that I knew there was a high chance I was going to break or to make one that was to do with others opinions or judgements not something that was actually important to me.

This doesn’t mean though that I don’t do anything. I actually do quite a lot around this time of year and this year it has felt necessary to do more than most years for some reason. The reason why doesn’t matter, what matters is that I listened to the messages, the awareness, the gut instinct that what I did and continue to do now, is important in some way.

So what have I been doing?

Those of you who read my blog will know that I have been doing  a lot of reflecting, looking back at what has been going on, looking at what needs to be left behind, changed in some way and what I want to hold on to. Part of the way I have been doing this, this year,  is that I have made a list of all that I do, the ways I go about my life, things I am happy with, things that I am not, things that I am not sure about and so on…..I’m sure you get the picture. I then made column of the pros and cons of each and then a final column for am I keeping them on not. This was a really interesting thing to do as it really helped me clarify my thinking and see what was happening. I have let it sit there for some days now and this again has given me space to reflect on my initial thoughts.

Today I was fortunate enough to be able to go to a women’s circle which gave us all a few hours of time for reflecting on the year gone and what we were stepping into, fire to release, to transform and water to help carry the flow of our intentions into the coming year. This was very much in line with what I had been feeling I needed to do and also in line with what astrologers have been saying about planetary alignments and the need to be clear about what we take forward into 2017. Also numerologicaly we are leaving a number 9 year which is the end of a cycle and entering a number 1 year which is new beginnings, so it really makes sense to have a good clear out before we go.

I had wanted to share a post about the planetary alignments but as so often happens couldn’t find what I was looking for but instead came across this……..


As this year draws to its end,
We give thanks for the gifts it brought
And how they become inlaid within
Where neither time nor tide can touch them.

Days when beloved faces shone brighter
With light from beyond themselves;
And from the granite of some secret sorrow
A stream of buried tears loosened.

We bless this year for all we learned,
For all we loved and lost
And for the quiet way it brought us
Nearer to our invisible destination.

John O’Donohue

Excerpt from, ‘At the End of the Year’

May our reflections bring us clarity and insight, may we recognise the many blessing that the past year has given us even if the lessons sometimes have been hard, and may we carry forward our dreams for the coming year in the knowledge that we create our own reality and dream our world into being.

Happy New Year and a blessed, peaceful and abundant 2017 everyone xx


I never make resolutions, goal or target set, at New Year or otherwise, so when I saw this post by Tiny Buddha on Facebook today and found myself drawn to a phrase in the image I decided that this year was different and I would make just one……..


So if you are about to make yours it might be worth following this link before you do:

Tiny Buddha  

Happy New Year

Well its the last calendar day of the year and although it doesn’t bear any correlation to the wheel of the year nor this year to the seasons, it still feels appropriate to take a moment to mark the day.

There won’t be any big celebrations tonight, just a quiet meal in, something sparkly to drink and Jules Holland’s Hogmanay on the tele so we know when it’s actually midnight 🙂

Usually this is a good time for reflecting but these last few weeks, since Samhain really, there has been plenty of opportunity for that so this year I am using today for being grateful.

Having survived Storm Desmond and Storm Frank over the last weeks I am grateful I live near the top of a hill and so have a warm dry house. I am grateful that we still, unlike many, have power, thanks to a much improved service, when we first moved here this wouldn’t have been the case. I am also grateful that our nearest town having been badly flooded twice this month is picking itself up, drying itself out and is in the process of getting itself reopened, thanks to the resilience of those who work there, the civil defence, fire brigade etc and all who have been able to get in to help. It would be badly missed if it wasn’t there.

I am also grateful that I don’t suffer from depression or SAD and would like to spare a thought for all who do and for those who are missing at the moment, those who couldn’t see their way to stick around for whatever reason and for the families they have left behind, some them still unsure of what has happened to those who have gone missing. The hype around Christmas, the dark, overcast days haven’t helped anyone but at least most of this has passed, for now at least, and in between the showers we have glimpses of sky, some of it blue and even some watery sunshine. I hope this helps.

I am grateful that as the pages of the calendar turn and we move into 2016 I have as always, much to look forward to. I hope that whoever you are and wherever you are reading this, that you too can say the same.

Happy New Year everyone



But why is it New Year today?

It’s New Year’s Day and I was going to draw a Web of Life Connections Card for the day that’s in it but realised after I picked up the bag that I’m way too tired. Anything I drew would be inaccurate and I wouldn’t be able to connect and listen anyway. Sometimes we just need to know our limits and when we do, give in gracefully, which is what I’m doing today.

Instead I’m sat here thinking about what a strange time it is to have the end of one calendar year and the start of another. I know it’s based on ancient Pagan festivals but it’s so close yet so far that it feels, to me today anyway, completely wrong.

Yesterday when browsing online I came across a Druid wheel which shows the end of the old year and the start of the new year at Samhain on November 31st. I think it was seeing this that got me thinking and if your like to see this week for yourself you can find it here

This then brought me forward to Winter Solstice usually taken as 21st December, the longest night and shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere and said to be the start of the season of winter which continues until Spring Equinox. This day, for many Pagans is the time for reflection and looking forward, things that others so at New Year in the form of resolutions.

So here we have New Year, a time that coincides with neither Samhain nor Winter Solstice. It is not the end of, nor beginning of a season, it is just in the middle of things.

I seem to spend a lot of time speaking with my students about how time is a man made concept and doesn’t actually exist, I’m just wondering today why, when man came up with the Gregorian Calendar, the decision was made to have the end of one year and the start of another here.