Web of Life Connections – Moon

imageI’m sure we are all well aware of the effects of the Moon on us at times.  I’m more and more feeling the influence of the stages of the Moon especially some of the full moons we have been having.

When I was drawing this card I asked for a connection that had a message for everyone so this is what I recieved:

‘Pray beneath my beam for whatever you need in your life and I will weave my magic alongside your own. Do not wait for something to happen but work with me, using my energy to supplement yours’.

If any of you do decide to sit with Moon to see what message you receive or decide to work with Moon this week as will I, then please do share what you get or are doing in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

Sleep working?

How’s everyone doing today, the day after the longest night and the new moon?

I’m sure this will get little sympathy from the insomniacs out there because I usually sleep like a log. I’m gone when my head hits the pillow and drift gently awake the following morning, usually having slept the night through. The last few nights though have been anything but restful and uninterrupted. I have been finding it hard to get to sleep and when I do have been feeling as if I am half awake. I am aware that I’ve been doing something although I have no idea what. This is when I know I have been sleep working.

Sometimes I am aware of this happening more at either full moon or new moon than at other times of the month. Sometimes this coincides with particularly powerful moons or planetary alignments that I am told about afterwards.

I have friends who are into astronomy who have been posting about this being a particularly powerful new moon. All I know is my mind is refusing to be still be it day or night and in my dreams I have definitely been somewhere, speaking to others and doing whatever it is I do when I am not awake at these times.

Sometimes I drift almost awake and have clear knowledge and what I have been doing, this knowledge then stays with me. It is almost as if I am woken so that I remember, this makes it much easier of course. At other times like now I have no idea at all so that of course leads me to spend my time awake wondering what I have been up to.

I can ask for it to stop of course and at times when I am really tired I do explain that while I am happy to work I do need a deep, restful and uninterrupted night’s sleep. I’m not quite there yet this time but it is getting close.

So…I just wondered if anyone else out there was experiencing anything similar at the moment.

Web of Life Connections – Moon

imageIt’s always nice to draw a connection, a teacher and as you do so, get a feeling of familiarity and so it was this morning as I drew the card for Moon.

The secret when this happens though is not to assume that you know the message but as with an unfamiliar connection, to take the time to be still, connect up and listen carefully.

‘In all that we do we have periods of waxing and waining just as Moon does. To shine brightly all the time is not feasible nor is it healthy. What is important to learn is how to recognise our own times of waxing and waining just as we recognise them in Moon’. 

If you would like to learn how to develop your own connections and teachers or know someone else who would then have a look at my Shaman Pathways Web of Life page here or check my book out here

Pagan Blog Project – Under the Influence of the Moon

imageThis week I’ve been really aware of how much we live our lives under the influence of the moon.

The last two days have seen Cork City, about 45 minutes from where I live, under threat of flood once again. The city is on an island surrounded by the River Lee which is tidal and coinciding with the latest full moon and the lunar eclipse, have been exceptionally high tides. These tides often combine with southerly winds which means the water cannot leave the river and the city floods. This time, fortunately, most of it escaped.

Living where we do, about a mile inland from the south coast, with many of our nearby towns and villages having rivers running through them towards the sea, with smaller tributaries running close to our roads, we are also at the mercy of the tides and of course, of the moon.

The cycles of the moon affect not only the tides but the cycles within ourselves for our bodies, like the sea consist of water. In a year which has seen several ‘super moons’ and a few lunar eclipses, the latest blood red lunar eclipse is but one of many that has had an impact on us.

Facebook alone is filled with posts from people who are finding that they are noticing more and more the moon’s effect on them. This can range from feeling out of balance, feeling shifts in energy, mood swings, being full of inspiration, feeling creative, to being depressed, violent or aggressive. This is termed the ‘lunar effect’ and even though studies have shown there is no link between the cycles of the moon and either human or animal behaviour, this is not how it feels for many of us.

Although again there is no scientific proof it is believed that the moon cycle affects menstruation, fertility and birth rate. In 2013 though, a Swiss study into sleep patterns found a direct correlation between sleep and moon cycles even when those being studies could not see or were unaware of the moon. At full moon deep sleep was reduced by around 30% and it took an average of 5 minutes longer to fall asleep at this time. So if you have been having problems sleeping the last few nights this may be why.

If you have ever camped out on holiday and been governed not by your alarm clock but by the setting of the sun, the light of the moon and the dawning of the day, I am sure it will not surprise you to know that many nocturnal animals are more active at times when there is an increase in moonlight. The full moon for these animals, is their brightest light. On the other hand large predators such as lions are less active in terms of hunting at full moon for it is much easier for their prey to spot them.

The moon cycle is often used in ceremony and ritual, those conducted under a waxing moon or waining moon serving very different purposes as do those at new moon and full moon, with new moon ritual often used for manifesting and full moon for releasing of letting go.

Many cultures and people still use the cycles of the moon for planting and harvesting and there is now a growing interest by many in returning to a more connected way of cultivating plants and vegetables


In my training these past months as a Bard with the OBOD I have been living my life in a more connected way in terms of the turning of the wheel through the seasons and festivals of the year. For me connecting more deeply and working with the cycles of the moon is a natural extension of this. I believe that the more we can live in harmony, connected with the cycles of life around us the more we can be at peace with ourselves, feel the connections that we have to all that exists and feel whole.

Book Review – Moon Magic


Rachel Patterson has distilled the essence of everything connected with the moon into this wonderful and charming book. Moon phases, rituals, recipes, meditations, deities, power animals, signs, symbols, charms, spells, divination and so much more are tucked carefully within its pages and through it all shines the authors love of working with the moon and moon magic. A delight for everyone who gazes upon the moon and wonders how to work with its immense power.