Fire in the stones; full moon and lunar eclipse

I’m not big on rituals simply for the sake of them. Even after spending time as an OBOD bard working my way carefully and methodically through the rituals and ceremonies I happily abandoned them again as soon as I began working as an Ovate and felt it was right to do so. For me it’s much more important to work shamanically, connecting with the energies around me, the spirits of wherever I am, with myself and also with my allies and then to work spontaneously following any guidance I’m being given. In this way any ritual takes place as and when it feels right or necessary and not just because it is a particular time of the year or turn of the wheel.

Even though it is nearly a year since my stone circle was created during which time I have worked within it and held fires, since filling the space with wood chip and so ‘finishing it’, it has taken me a while to be ready to really work there again. Last month though, at full moon I at last was called there and also drawn to work with fire.

I set my fire pit in the stone lined area I had created in the centre of my stone circle, laid bundles of garden sage and rosemary amongst the flames and then I spent some time there working with the energy of the circle and the spirits of the place, releasing both into the fire and into the energy of the full moon. As this was my first fire there since placing the wood chip around the stones and I was more than a little concerned about setting light to the wood chip but I was careful of sparks and all was ok 🙂
Tonight is both a full moon and a lunar eclipse, just the kind of evening where it would be brilliant to light another fire in the fire pit and spend some time within the stones once again but today it has been raining and is expected to continue to do so. The sky is very overcast so I suspect the chances of seeing either moon or eclipse tonight are pretty much none existent. This though does not negate the power of either the moon nor the lunar eclipse.

I have not been drawn to visit and sit with fire in my stone circle tonight but this does not mean that I am not mindful of the energies around me, nor of the need to be aware of their effects. As with any full moon I will be aware of what I am ready to give up, what has come to an end and what I can release to make space for something new but tonight I will be doing so in a gentler way than when I work with the powerful transformative energy of fire and to balance the strong energies around at this particular full moon, will be working with the energy of water instead.

The Ongoing Effects of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Wild night here last night. Winds from the North West hit us hard and the last 24 -48 have been no different. Managed to get to sleep at last only to be woken around 2am by a bang. Fearing the worst we ventured out into the night expecting the arial to have come off the chimney only to find it was the lid that had blown off the water butt. Stored that inside and crawled back to bed but then of course it took ages to get back to sleep again.

So today I’m wrecked but at least it has an explanation whereas until I read this yesterday

how I was feeling was not really making any sense. I have been tired and yes it’s been busy but this was a different kind of tiredness, the kind that makes you feel lethargic, lacking in enthusiasm and any get up and go has completely gone.

The article helped put things in perspective. For some reason once it had passed I had forgotten all about the solar eclipse, Equinox and the super moon and had certainly not connected this in any way with the upcoming lunar eclipse on Saturday 4th April.

It is worth reading the article if you haven’t already clicked on the link, for it did help me make sense of things and made me realise that there is in fact nothing I can do about any of this for the time being, that it is in fact best to just ride it out, as anything I do try is unlikely to make any difference anyway.

I do know a lot of people who are struggling at the moment and all of the planetary activity combined with the changing of the clocks last weekend has undoubtably thrown us out even more than we would otherwise have been.

Me? I’m up as I have to work but once I have finished I’m going to lay back, close my eyes and try and recover some well needed sleep 🙂