Snapshot of My Life

I’ve been thinking that some of you might like an insight into what a week for me is like after all my life can be more than a little varied as I don’t have a normal 9-5 job.

Looking back through the diary for the last week this is what my week was like…..

I began the day with a Fire Ritual as part of my Bard training with the Order of the Bards, Ovids and Druids. This meant setting up my fire pit, opening a circle and then fully connecting with the element Fire. I can’t say any more than this or I’d have to kill you 🙂 The day then continued with me working on a client who is recovering from a stroke. The real delight of seeing her face as her hand which had been stone cold began to warm up was a real pleasure.

Day off 🙂 Reading the Sunday papers, hanging out, normal stuff really

Shopping as I needed to get in food for a course over the next two days. Decisions, decisions about how much to get, what people might want to eat and how long it will keep if we don’t get through it all. Then it was home to prepare my healing space for the next two days.

Day one of passing on the nine rites of the Munay Ki. I so love giving these and seeing how things open up for those I am working with. Today was the four Foundation Rites; the Healer’s Rite, Bands of Power, Harmony Rite and Seer’s Rite.

Day two of the Munay Ki. Today it’s the turn of the five Lineage Rites; Daykeeper’s Rite, Wisdom Keeper’s Rite, Earthkeeper’s Rite, Starkeepers Rite and the Creator’s Rite. So much fire around over the two days as the seeds of each rite are fed with fire. It all fits in beautifully with my beginning to work with Fire for the Bardic work too.

The beauty of passing on the rites is that I also get to receive them as being able to pass them on once students have worked with the archetypes of the Harmony Rite is a big part of receiving them. Every time I receive them it deepens my connection with them and the way I work with them in my life.

I took today off from clients to do a bit of catching up with paper work, a little housework and time for my own studies where I continued working with the current Gwers of my Bard training.

I am a member of our local art group which is on it’s summer holidays at the moment but one of our members organised a painting day at her house. This really meant we met up, chatted for a good hour or so, had lunch, chatted a bit more, a few people decided to do little drawing but a few of us didn’t get round to it.

To keep developing my art work, now and again I will do a distance learning course. This year it is in colour pencil work and I have been putting off starting it but our art day yesterday seemed to have inspired me for today I began to work on the first set of exercises. My day was interrupted though, first of all by the baby rabbit that got spooked by my husband and ran into our conservatory looking for sanctuary, then the Irish Stoat that entertained us by running around outside, including on the ledge around the conservatory and finally by the larger rabbit that was hopping around outside the front of the conservatory.

So that was my week 🙂 and looking at the diary for this coming week I have clients for past life regression and shamanic healing booked in and I have a distance reading to do. It’s also our wedding anniversary which means a meal out somewhere lovely and as it’s Lughnasa on the 1st August Friday will see me holding a solitary ceremony.

No week is ever the same and it’s this variety that I really enjoy. I really do love my life.