Making Space for Something New



One of the things I often talk to my students about is clearing space on an energetic level so that they create space for something new to come in. If you imagine (or maybe you don’t need much imagination here 🙂 ) your wardrobe so full that you can no longer fit anything in, this is what our lives can get like. The problem is that unlike in our bedrooms where there may be somewhere else to stash that newly acquired bargain, in our inner lives there is no way of doing this. If our inner lives are full there simply is room for anything new to come in.

So how do we go about clearing our inner lives?

Our outer life reflects our inner life so that is a great place to begin. The wardrobe, cupboards, drawers, bookshelves etc are all good places to start. Have a look through them, what is there that is no longer worn, looked at, valued, liked? Throw it out, find it a new home, donate it to a charity, pay it forward, move it on.

All of this stirs up, shifts energy and creates space for something new.

One other way is to go through our phones, look at our contacts and delete any that are no longer needed, no longer relevant. People take up space too.

I have just done this with my very old address book which was full of crossing out and new addresses added as people moved, business cards, sticky notes etc of numbers some of which I no longer recognised. My brand new address book is now only has addresses and phone numbers of people I actually know and want to stay in touch with. I am doing the same with the contact list on my computer of course.

And….thanks to Facebook deleting the Interest List option, and thanks to a helping hand as to how to access my liked pages, I have spent some time going through all these pages and unliking many of them. I was astounded to find how many pages there were there that I had never knowingly heard of, no longer used and can’t remember ever liking. So a big spring clean and I am clearer and lighter than I have been for a long time. Who’d have thought that having been so annoyed with Facebook the other day I’d have ended up feeling gratitude towards them.

We do expend a lot of energy holding on energetically to both things and people that we no longer need or which are no longer serving us. All they do is clog us up and take up space. On a Macro or global scale this year has been one of holding fear, uncertainty, anger, disbelief and more besides, on a micro scale much of this is also being held by us individually and therefore is taking up energy and space. It takes way more energy to hold on than it does to let go, which is why this Winter Solstice will find me, along with some close friends, making a community prayer bundle in the form of a despacho, (the image at the top of this blog is of a despacho all ready to be wrapped up as an offering) and along with gifts for the spirits, adding in all that we are asking to release on behalf of the world and ourselves.  In a fire ceremony we will then make the offering of the despacho and ask that the element of fire, along with the spirits, accept our offering. In this way we can help to release, clear and make space, hopefully for something that serves us all better.


Making Time

imageThe past few weeks have been crazy busy for me. It’s been a real mixture of work that needed doing around the house, big stuff, not just the hoovering, alongside my work with clients plus weekends working with students, plus of course my blog and my OBOD studies. Sitting here on a Monday morning at the start of a new week though I have just realised how despite being so busy it has still been possible to make time.

Somehow I found the time to have a 2 hr top to toe massage, a luxury at any time but a real luxury in light of all that has been going on. Then yesterday my husband and decided to go out for lunch but as the sun was shining instead of getting the car out we walked. It was a 45 minute walk there, mostly downhill with stunning views over the sea, both the view and the light changing constantly as the road turned. Then a wonderful dish of tagliatelle with spinach, asparagus and mushrooms along side a pint, after all neither of us were driving were we 🙂 The walk back took a few minutes longer being uphill but there we were, the middle of October, in shirt sleeves with the sun beaming down on us.

The result of making time has been a general feeling of well being. I feel refreshed, grateful, energised, and as if I’ve had a real break somehow. How different to those weeks where having been busy I’ve spent the time I could have been enjoying myself, either making myself more busy or crashing for a while complaining about how busy it’s been.

I feel completely ready to tackle the week ahead even though the diary looks full. In the future I will try and remember that making time makes me feel good as well as making everything feel so much better.

It’s Raining!

imageToday it’s raining! I suppose those of you that have realised I live in Ireland are surprised that I’m even mentioning it as sure doesn’t it rain all the time here. Well actually no it doesn’t and for weeks it hasn’t. Ok, there has been rain but it’s very localised so a couple of kilometres away it may have done so, but here close to the coast, nothing.

The fact it is raining means many different things depending on who or what we are and what we are doing. For those in town organising a circus skills workshop as part of the summer festival it means reorganising and relocating indoors, for me it means sitting in the conservatory with a jumper over my T-shirt and shorts and the door closed, for the rivers, ducks, herons, fish and water creatures it means a higher water level, for my garden, all the plants desperate for a good drink and I’m sure my husband who has been out there regularly with the watering can, it means relief.

With the weather, just like everything else in our lives, both ourselves and everything else around us needs a balance. Too much of anything, even if it is something we love, creates problems, if not for us then for someone or something else.

So today, instead of complaining that it isn’t sunny or that it’s overcast and wet, I’m instead feeling gratitude that the plants and garden are getting what they need, that the tiny robin is so obviously enjoying playing in the rain and that our well is, hopefully, getting a bit of a top up.