Is it really Spring Equinox?


Yesterday it was snowing, today, a bank holiday, we have icicles outside the conservatory, the water in the water feature is frozen and we were going to go and have a walk on the beach but it’s sooooo cold brrrr. It really doesn’t feel like tomorrow is Spring Equinox.

As at Autumn Equinox tomorrow the light and dark will be in equal balance. Unlike at Autumn Equinox when the dark begins to take over, tomorrow it is the light that begins to return. I am hoping that along with the the light comes some much needed warmth.

It is not just me that is feeling the cold, the birds are eating us out of house and home having devoured a large drum of bird food in three days instead of the week to ten days it usually lasts. They have two bird feeders, a bird table and a feeder full of fat balls yet it still seems barely enough. Our daffodils are struggling, the furry shoots on the pussy willow seem to have gone into suspended animation and spring bulbs that would normally be showing signs of life are nowhere to be seen.

It is though much lighter than even a couple of weeks ago. There is a definite stretch in the day and on days when the sun appears there is beginning to be some warmth in it.

One of the things that it can be nice to do at Spring Equinox is to plant some seeds, often having spent time breathing plans and ideas for the months ahead into them with the idea that as they germinate and grow they will act as a reminder and a focus for your own plans. This year though if I am to do that I will need to plant them in a pot to be kept inside or in the greenhouse, as the ground is too hard and lacking in the warmth needed to germinate them.

For me, what is more important than doing anything specific, holding a ritual or ceremony, is to be aware of the turn of the wheel, the passing of time and the shift into a new part of the year. It may not feel like spring, nature may not be showing me it is, but the balance of light and dark will still be there tomorrow and this also gives me chance to stop and find the balance within myself if I give myself the time to do so.

Finding balance

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 12.19.00

When I first started teaching courses and workshops I did what everyone else does and blocked in weekends where I felt it would all work. The problem I quickly found was that although the dates worked for me they didn’t work for others. I would advertise a Reiki 1 course for example and have one person book a place with four or five others interested but looking for different dates.

At first I tried to juggle this, attempting to adjust dates, connect people up etc but the more I did the more of a mess it became. Even my husband was asking me if I wouldn’t just be better waiting and letting it all sort itself out. Eventually I learnt that if I just handed it over to the Universe it all fell into place.

This was really hard for me to do though as being in control is what I was used to but somehow it worked and over time it did get easier. I also found the letting go of control spilled over into other areas of my life and I began to learn that sometimes it is best to just sit back and go with the flow.

Ever since then I have waited until I have enquiries and then arranged dates to suit everyone rather than planning things in advance. I never advertise unless I have spaces on a course or workshop that need to be filled. Recently though I became aware that my never having any courses or workshops arranged might sound a bit wishy washy to some prospective students and that I was maybe losing them. Perhaps they wouldn’t have been drawn to work with me or my energy anyway but there is never any harm in having a rethink. Maybe I have been going with the flow a little too much, after all there needs to be a balance in all things and I suspect I need to make a little effort too. Can’t leave everything to the Universe after all 🙂

Yesterday trying to be a little more proactive I advertised on Facebook that I am looking to arrange a Reiki 1 course. So far I have had several enquiries and have been able to send out information. I have no dates booked but as before I will arrange these with  people who are definitely interested.

It is far too soon to tell how this will work but it does feel a slightly better balance and allows me to put some energy out there, the energy of being willing and available to work. I am not really taking back control but just giving the Universe a bit of a push and maybe finding a better balance which now feels as if it should be a partnership.

Autumn Equinox / Alban Elfed / Mabon

So many names for the turn of the wheel at this time of year, the time where there is complete balance between light and dark, day and night, a time that prepares us for the coming of winter and Winter Solstice.

Like many others this year, I have been feeling the effects of the planetary shifts this year. The solar eclipse and new moon at the start of the month that coincided with my birthday, the pending Super Moon and lunar eclipse known as a Blood Moon at the end of the month and all that has occurred in between have all taken their toll. It has been hard to stay grounded amongst all the shifts that have been taking place.

Amongst this I have been letting go of a lot of things that are no longer filling me with joy along with some that are doing nothing but taking up space along with taking some time out from work to give myself chance to assimilate the changes and see where I want to go next. I have even been through my Facebook friends and have deleted all those that I have no recall of ‘friending’ or why.

After all these changes and shifts I am pleased to me marking this time of  year in much the same way as I did last year with a labyrinth walk at a friends house. The perfect representation of life, death and rebirth, walking a labyrinth is a great  way of releasing, going within and gaining understanding. I am also delighted that I am meeting and sharing food with other friends before we go, and sharing of food is always a good way ground as well as to mark any occassion.

It is at times like these though that I miss the labyrinth that used to be in my own garden. It was a large seven circuit one, big enough to walk with groups but not so big I got lost when walking alone. The upkeep on it was high and a damaged shoulder meant I couldn’t clip the paths so for me it had to go. For the spirits of the land the labyrinth had done its work and they were asking that the land to be returned to its original state and so it was. I still have a finger labyrinth but nothing beats the physical process of walking so I am looking forward to the rest of the day knowing that by the end of it I will be in a different place to the one I began it in.

It’s Raining!

imageToday it’s raining! I suppose those of you that have realised I live in Ireland are surprised that I’m even mentioning it as sure doesn’t it rain all the time here. Well actually no it doesn’t and for weeks it hasn’t. Ok, there has been rain but it’s very localised so a couple of kilometres away it may have done so, but here close to the coast, nothing.

The fact it is raining means many different things depending on who or what we are and what we are doing. For those in town organising a circus skills workshop as part of the summer festival it means reorganising and relocating indoors, for me it means sitting in the conservatory with a jumper over my T-shirt and shorts and the door closed, for the rivers, ducks, herons, fish and water creatures it means a higher water level, for my garden, all the plants desperate for a good drink and I’m sure my husband who has been out there regularly with the watering can, it means relief.

With the weather, just like everything else in our lives, both ourselves and everything else around us needs a balance. Too much of anything, even if it is something we love, creates problems, if not for us then for someone or something else.

So today, instead of complaining that it isn’t sunny or that it’s overcast and wet, I’m instead feeling gratitude that the plants and garden are getting what they need, that the tiny robin is so obviously enjoying playing in the rain and that our well is, hopefully, getting a bit of a top up.