Happy New Year

Well its the last calendar day of the year and although it doesn’t bear any correlation to the wheel of the year nor this year to the seasons, it still feels appropriate to take a moment to mark the day.

There won’t be any big celebrations tonight, just a quiet meal in, something sparkly to drink and Jules Holland’s Hogmanay on the tele so we know when it’s actually midnight 🙂

Usually this is a good time for reflecting but these last few weeks, since Samhain really, there has been plenty of opportunity for that so this year I am using today for being grateful.

Having survived Storm Desmond and Storm Frank over the last weeks I am grateful I live near the top of a hill and so have a warm dry house. I am grateful that we still, unlike many, have power, thanks to a much improved service, when we first moved here this wouldn’t have been the case. I am also grateful that our nearest town having been badly flooded twice this month is picking itself up, drying itself out and is in the process of getting itself reopened, thanks to the resilience of those who work there, the civil defence, fire brigade etc and all who have been able to get in to help. It would be badly missed if it wasn’t there.

I am also grateful that I don’t suffer from depression or SAD and would like to spare a thought for all who do and for those who are missing at the moment, those who couldn’t see their way to stick around for whatever reason and for the families they have left behind, some them still unsure of what has happened to those who have gone missing. The hype around Christmas, the dark, overcast days haven’t helped anyone but at least most of this has passed, for now at least, and in between the showers we have glimpses of sky, some of it blue and even some watery sunshine. I hope this helps.

I am grateful that as the pages of the calendar turn and we move into 2016 I have as always, much to look forward to. I hope that whoever you are and wherever you are reading this, that you too can say the same.

Happy New Year everyone