The Strangest of Times – Stay at Home Week 3



Is it really only the start of week 3?  It is beginning to feel as if this is how it has always been, so I suppose that the way it is now, has started to become the new ‘norm’. That could be a good thing as it suggests that I am managing to roll with it and not resist. Resistance after all is completely futile and wastes so much energy besides which, it looks as if staying at home will continue for the present, so it is perhaps a healthy way to be.

Today is the day that we should have been going on holiday 😦 This I am finding a little difficult in that I have no idea when we will be able to go away again. Even if the virus can be encouraged to leave these shores there is no guarantee that it will be the same in other parts of the world and we do like to go exploring and have an adventure. On the other hand, at some point in the future, it will perhaps give us more time to spend in our own country, finding new localities to explore and visiting some of the places we have set to one side to travel further afield. Time will tell.

I’ve been thinking the last few days about all the things that have really become superfluous, such as the traffic and travel news. Another one of these is the nightly weather forecast. Gone are the days when it was important to know if I needed a coat and if I did was it a rain coat or the keeping warm kind of coat. Now if it’s sunny I go for a walk, if it’s raining I find something to do inside. Simplifies things enormously. Along the same lines is deciding what to wear. Now it is really easy; tracksuit bottoms, fleece jumper and a t-shirt or shorts and t-shirt as it has got warm recently 🙂

I have also been thinking about things that have become invaluable. One of these is a tube of hand cream. I never used to use hand cream, unless using hand sanitiser in lieu of soap and water when travelling. Now though I am so attached to my hand cream that I have cut the bottom off the tube to scrape out another few days supply. Being without it is more than I and my hands can bear now.

Which brings me to the lack of waste. Nothing now is going wasted it seems. The toothpaste tube is squeezed to within an inch of its life, neither of us prepared to admit defeat and consign it to the waste bin. The aforementioned tube of hand cream is on its second week of ‘still giving’, well after it looked as if it was finished.

As for food, nothing is being thrown out into the compost, pretty much everything is finding its way into a meal one way or another. One of my favourite pastimes at the moment is entering the list of random ingredients I have left over into Google and then browsing through what we might have to eat. This becomes more and more creative the closer we get to our next online delivery.

I seem to have spent a lot of time recently stood outside in the garden staring at the stars while watching the International Space Station and the Starlinks passing overhead. Last night though I was outside looking at the pink supermoon complete with its rainbow corolla. Not as big and bright as we have seen before but lovely to see nonetheless. It’s good to be able to bathe in the light of the moon anytime but especially when its a full supermoon.


One thing this week has brought, along with there good weather, is the opportunity to be bare foot in the garden. There is nothing more grounding and healthy for body and mind than walking barefoot on earth and grass. I tend to be bare foot as much possible both inside and out but it is so much nicer when the weather is warm.

I have also been spending a lot of time outside in the garden this week. For some reason I have started to need to be outside in the fresh air. Inside even with windows open and fresh air flowing has not felt enough. I am not going to waste time wondering why this is now, as with most things at the moment will accept it, get on with it and see where it takes me. There is a time to analyse what is going on and a time to just go with the flow, to use intuition and roll with it all. Now feels like the perfect time to simply roll with it.

Only a part of this being outside has involved any actual gardening, although there has been some tidying up of some hedges as the lads who cut them obviously haven’t been able to come. This needed doing before the birds begin nesting so it was good to get it done. Some of it though has just been the pure pleasure of sitting outside in the sun topping up my Vitamin D, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and the chance to eat outdoors. Long may we have the weather that allows us to do this.

Our ‘stay at home’ restrictions have been extended, this time until midnight on May 4th. There is talk of them maybe being partially lifted after that but this is unlikely to include either of us, especially as the WHO has now said that older people are age 60 and over. Until this pandemic I had never considered myself to be ‘old’ and I am not enjoying having to consider the possibility that I am. I don’t feel old, act old, or even look old, so having some arbitrary label attached to my age is hard to get used to. Maybe this is something to explore if I get bored one day.  I do understand that I am in the ‘at risk’ age group in terms of deaths from the virus, not only because of my age but also because of the fact I have a form of asthma, but I don’t like the daily reminders of it. I think I am going to ignore it, after all I am staying home, social distancing when we are out waking, doing everything I am asked to in fact. I also like being at home, I like my own company and that of my husband plus I have plenty to be doing here so being told to stay home for a while longer is actually more than ok, especially now I have this online shopping cracked 🙂

Now if only I could find a way of procuring some liquid hand soap………

It is now lashing rain and much cooler than it has been. Rain is useful though as it feeds our well, our plants, washes the dust off the cars and windows and generally refreshes everything. We need all the elements, earth, fire, air and water so it’s all good  🙂 Not sure the cows quite agree though.



P.S. If you have read previous blogs you will have realised I am no longer writing this blog a day at a time. It is now impossible to remember what happened when or even what day it is. I know I am not alone in this and feel it may be a common factor of being ‘locked down’ for any length of time. Being as I have a clear diary apart from the online delivery, I have decided the days do not matter and that it feels more important to summarise what has happened during the week as a whole, so this is what I will now be doing for as long as this lasts, or until there is nothing to say.