When I am shamanic journeying and a lot of the time in my every day life I am actually walking between worlds, more often than not with one foot in ordinary reality and one foot in non ordinary reality. I’d like to think I dance like the graceful jaguar in the photo but in reality I probably stumble along in the dark sometimes making quite a lot of noise. Which is quite possibly why one of the most useful things my shamanic guides have ever given me is a cloak of invisibility, at least then they may hear me coming but they can’t see me 🙂

I do though believe that what I do shamanically is to be a balancing force between the seen and unseen worlds, or at least I try to anyway. By being able to walk back and forth, to shift easily I am able for example, to listen to the land and the spirits there and by doing so can make changes that the land needs. One example of this is what happened in an area of my garden. Originally there was just the special energy there, one that everyone was drawn to whether they were aware of why or not. Then the land asked for a labyrinth and so one was created. Then later still it asked to be returned ‘as it was’ and so the labyrinth was uncreated as it were. This was not enough however for the land wanted a stone circle and now it has one and it is at peace. I understand that through creating the labyrinth energy was cleared and then by re-creating something that the land tells had been lost I have restored the balance of this space.

This is also what I do when I work with clients. Through working with my guides and allies I create a space in which balance can be restored between what we see physically and what is unseen or energetic. Dancing or walking between worlds makes this possible.





3 thoughts on “Journeying

  1. Cool. Your up again. So your back on regularly again. That’s great. I have to be careful walking between worlds, in the middle of my day job I feel into deep trance at my desk. Was a deer spirit guide calling to me, asking if it could come into my safe space and share some wisdom. They do pick the darndest times. Lol.

      • I have the luxury of having considerable free time at work during certain times of year, so it’s easier to hear what the spirits have to say at such times, because I’m essentially just moving papers around on my desk to look busy. But I once missed a train because of it. A very literal case of away with the faeries. Warning: do not operate heavy machinery while in trance state. Lol.

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