Facebook!**!! What have you done now?

At the moment I am p****d off with Facebook big time. I have carefully organised all the pages I like into Interest Lists. I didn’t do this on my own, it was an option Facebook gave me, only now it has unilaterally removed them, not just from me but from everyone.

I no longer have access to my lists and so don’t know all the pages that were in them for I would search, read, respond or whatever nor always looking at the source of the page, more at the content. Using Interest lists allowed me to keep my news feed clear for really important ‘I need to know this minute’ stuff.

If you own a page that I liked I will no longer see your posts so if you are using it for work then you have lost at least one reader/potential buyer/etc. If you have been using pages on Facebook to market yourself, business or a product then it no longer has the same penetration. Facebook say only 5% of us use Interets lists which is why it has removed them but if it’s your business then 5% is a lot! It’s huge!

As an healer, author and artist I have pages set up so people can see what I do, communicate with me and I with them…..but no longer….and I suspect I am not the only one. What is the point of having a page for anything anymore as less and less people can see your posts? 

I am steaming about this as you can tell and am considering if:

A) I set up groups for my posts instead of my pages and hope that keeps people seeing my posts


B) If I get off Facebook completely and look for better and more effective ways of communicating and networking. 

Way to lose business Facebook! 

On the upside this may of course have the benefit of me being on social media less and so maybe getting some real work done. 


6 thoughts on “Facebook!**!! What have you done now?

  1. I am as p*d off as you are. This was really the only way for me to access pages I wanted to read. And 5% of a billion users is 50 million, not a small number.

    You may be able to access your lists by finding their address in your browser history. The URL will look like “https://www.facebook.com/lists/” followed by a large number. It’s working… at least for now.

    Good luck!

    • I have just tried that JP but can only get the first of my lists 😦 And yes as you say 5% is 50 million so I’d say that’s significant even if Facebook doesn’t think it is.

      • I’m using Firefox but this must also be possible with other browsers. I opened the history window, searched for URLs containing “facebook.com/lists” and I saw all the lists I used in the recent past. I opened and bookmarked all of them. Hopefully Facebook will not delete the lists but I would not bet on this. I hope this works for you.

        On the plus side, I discovered your blog by researching this issue!

      • I’m on Safari and it doesn’t give me all my lists but I have managed to get into the manage pages part and if it stays accessible I can sort out pages to follow and ones to unfollow. It’s still all going to clog up my newsfeed sadly as there is no way to organise them now 😦

        Glad you found my blog though, good to meet you JP 🙂

  2. Hello Yvonne,

    I may have found a workaround using friend lists but a comment may not be the best pace to explain this. Email me and I will tell you what I did. (I think you should see my email address somewhere as I had to enter it to comment)

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