Boot Camp!

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About six weeks ago I joined Curves. After not doing any real exercise for the last few years I started off slowly, gradually building up what I was doing on the machines and am delighted with how much stronger my body feels and how much I am enjoying it. The results are starting to show now, muscles are tighter and I can see bits of me that I haven’t seen for years, which is nice 🙂

This week though I have been to Boot Camp! This is not as bad as it sounds really….honest. At least the first day wasn’t but today was my second and I may not go for a third. It is basically boxing type exercises on the recovery mats between the machines. These are fun but today I am wrecked and although I am signed up to go tomorrow I am sitting here now thinking I might give it a miss after all I am sure my body needs to recover from today and its not on at all on Saturday 🙂

I am always aware of synchronicity and at the moment, as I sit here writing this there is a body coach on the radio talking about how it is better to exercise less often but intensly when you do. I think this is a message for me…at least I’m taking it as such and so am going back to my ordinary work out sessions from now on. Back to working hard and enjoying it rather than killing myself at Boot Camp!