Book Review – Secret Medicines from your Garden

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Secret Medicines from your Garden

Ellen Evert Hopman

ISBN 978-1-62055-557-6

Every now and again I come across a book which I know will become favourite resource, one that will live on my bookcase, one I will reach out for on numerous occasions, one that will never be leant out to anyone in case I were to lose it. Such a book is Hopman’s ‘Secret Medicines from your Garden’.

This is not a traditional herbal encyclopaedia by any means, for unlike others this is topic based. Plants frequently appear in one section of the book only to pop up again in another, showing us a different side to them, one that may be overlooked by others. Sections of the book teach us about working with the signatures of plant, seasonal herbs, the invisible dimensions of the plant world and ways we can make use of plants in our own lives. Throughout her book Hopman provides us with a real treasure chest of information, wisdom, both modern and traditional, recipes, remedies, potions, tinctures, teas and more besides.

Ellen Evert Hopman is someone with an eclectic background, interested in many things who is both a herbalist and a Druid . In Secret Medicine from your Garden we benefit from this diverseness, for because of it, she is able to open up the world of plants to us in both a practical and very spiritual way.