It’s November

imageI know it’s November because I put the dried fruit for the Christmas Cake in soak yesterday 🙂  I do this every year and my cake is always yummy. The first year I lived in Ireland, with a great deli to shop in I bought fresh fruit for the cake and because the fruit was so moist it didn’t soak up the alcohol and the cake wasn’t half as good. Lesson learnt.

Anyway, I didn’t really aim to be writing about my Christmas Cake, more the fact that I without it I would have trouble believing it’s November. The sky is blue and the sun is shining plus it’s really mild. All the windows are open and despite the leaves on the ground the garden is looking very green still.

I kind of missed October completely as I was away in Japan. There the weather was also amazingly warm and sunny although it didn’t stop the leaves of the maple trees turning the most wonderful shades of orange and red. Despite being keen to plant native plants wherever possible I am now looking at getting a Japanese Maple for the garden especially as I know they grow here as there is a beautiful specimens outside a cafe in town.

Before I went to Japan nature had gifted me some oak saplings. These I carefully planted in tubs but before long most of them were looking unwell and now they are just twigs 😦 I do though have one healthy sapling, which after all is all I really need 🙂 This I know will also lose it’s leaves soon, appearing to die so that it can rest and gather its strength for the spring when it hopefully bursts into bud once again.

Normally by now I would also be thinking about gathering things in, shutting down a little, starting to conserve my energy and preparing for the winter so that I am in tune with the seasons. It is after all the start of the New Year being the time after Samhain, the time when things are still, where we enter the dark time, the time where seeds are sown and nurtured ready for the Spring, but with the weather the way it is it is hard to believe that it is time to do this yet.

I have actually been shut down for a couple of months now, hibernating, recharging and reflecting. This process isn’t finished yet but I am aware that change is afoot. On a personal level it feels more like stepping into Spring already so for the next while I am going to be watching for signs and symbols, messages from both ordinary and non ordinary reality to help me understand what it is that I need to do now.

For the moment though I am going to enjoy the gift of today, I am going to enjoy the sunshine, the warmth, the garden and will watch the birds who are very active today. It is unlikely to be here for long so it’s important to be thankful and to make the most of it

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