Something has shifted

I’m really not sure what has happened, what has shifted only that something has. As many of you know this has been going on for some time but I now recognise there has been a real change.

I have paintings in an art exhibition at the moment and although I’ve been working away for a while now developing work, it wasn’t until I saw the paintings on display I realised how much my work has changed, how much more light, emotion, personality (not mine but the subject’s) there was in my art now. Others have clearly noticed this too for I have just sold two paintings in two days which for me has never happened before.

I have also realised that my biggest passion at the moment is my art which is a huge change for me. I have ideas stacked up, mostly in my head and am finding it hard not to be working on them.

The other realisation I had today after I’d been talking with a friend is that I want to be part of groups, not to be working on my own on everything. Again this is a huge shift and knowing me I am sure it will pass but for the time being I’m going to make the most of it 🙂

I’m still processing all of this of course, riding the wave, going with the flow with no idea where it’s taking me. All I know is that nothing is the same as it was before and that it hasn’t finished yet.


If you are interested I have an art blog/website at if you’d like to pop over and have a look or maybe even follow me there.


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