Self Care

It wasn’t until I read a comment on one of my posts that I realised that what I am doing at the moment is in actuality self care. Once I realised this it got me thinking about all the things that we can do for ourselves that are in fact self care. These are some of the things I thought of but I am sure you have more:

Going for a walk

Sitting in the sunshine

Reading something for fun not because you have to

Spending time with friends

Making time to really enjoy a cup of tea or coffee

Allowing  yourself to just be

Listening to what your mind, body and spirit need you to do

Paying attention

Walking on the beach

Walking barefoot anywhere

Spending time in nature

Saying ‘no’

Stop doing things that do not make you happy

Eating things you love

Turning the computer off


What does your self care look like?



3 thoughts on “Self Care

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  2. Self care today for me meant going for a walk in the woods with a dear friend and listening to the wisdom of a holly tree.
    Sometimes self care for me means simply remembering to eat.

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