Time for a change

I believe what happened yesterday has been coming for a while. I also believe that had our weather been something other than cool, grey, rainy all summer I might not be where I am now.

The weather in itself hasn’t bothered me a whole lot. We have a conservatory so any little bit of brightness and warmth and I feel as if it’s summer even if outside it’s a miserable 15 degrees. The effect it’s had on me though is that I’ve had the busiest summer since I began working as a therapist.

My work ethic is that of seeing a client and being delighted when they don’t need me anymore, usually after a couple of sessions. Sometimes they pop back for a top up now and again but I’m not used to seeing clients long term. This summer though has been unusual. My clients have become more complicated and have needed to come back more times and in some cases more often. This is always their decision rather than mine as I believe in letting them decide and so empowering them to make decisions about their own well being. What it has meant though is that instead of getting a bit of space, a break now and again which is what usually happens during the summer when everyone is enjoying the sunshine and feeling good, this year  it just hasn’t happened.

I usually trust that the Universe will bring me what I need in that when I need clients I get clients, when I need students I get them and when I need a break it arrives, not this time though. So I have made the unprecedented decision to take matters into my own hands and make my own space. I have posted on my Facebook page and in my website that I am taking a break 🙂 I am choosing not to see clients, not to be tied to my work for a few weeks or maybe even longer. I am choosing to give myself time to play, to go out and meet friends for lunch, to draw, to paint and to spend time on my OBOD studies which at present means spending time in sacred space, in the woods and with plants. In other words I am choosing to give myself time to recharge my batteries and in doing so, decide how I want to go forward from here.

It is a time of change, the change of the seasons, the shift into Autumn as we move towards the fire festival of Autumn Equinox and I understand from others that there are lots of planetary shifts occurring at present and that I am not the only one feeling the need to stop, to take a break, not the only one unsure what the future looks like. For me though, this time it feels different, I usually have some insight into what is ahead but now when I journey for insight all I am being given is a blank page and  my guides are not offering me anything for now so all I can do is roll with it, give myself space and time, ride it out and see where I end up when it all settles once again.

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