A strange Lughnasa/Lammas ritual

Today is Lammas or Lughnasa/ Lughnasadh one of the four Celtic fire festivals and the time of the first fruits of the harvest, time to reap the rewards of work done or seeds sown earlier in the year.

So what have I been doing today?

I think I must have my wheel of the year turned around for I’ve been spring cleaning lol. In some ways though this has come about as the results of seeds sown earlier in the year.

Towards the end of last year we had a break in and our Vax carpet shampooer was one of the items stolen. I only use this one or maybe twice a year if the carpets are very lucky but I missed it. It was only a cheapie from Lidl but they haven’t had them in since ours was robbed and I really didn’t want to pay a lot for one so I have been waiting patiently all the time hoping that one would turn up.

There had been no sign of any and so I had started looking in to hiring a shampooer (we have multituel stoves and they are heavy on carpets and paintwork, it’s not that I enjoy housework). Then on Monday Lidl had in Vax shampooers for about the same as I paid originally so we rushed in to get one. The seeds I had been sowing had ripened as it were 🙂

So in many ways today was the perfect time to be cleaning my carpets, mindful of how long I had waited to be able to do so and grateful that the perfect thing had turned up at the perfect time.

As as aside here as it wasn’t that straightforward and I have had to work for my reward – the first Vax took me 30 mins to put together and then 30 mins to try and work out why there was no water coming through. Realising it was faulty I then had to drive over 10k to Lidl, change it and drive home again. The second one has a faulty locking part for the handle but it does work so this one is staying and I’ll sort the part out somehow. It went together much faster  naturally and I managed to get the carpets cleaned while the sun was still shining so maybe they will dry ok.


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