Life Without My iPad

As I sit typing this on my husband’s iPad I realise that the timing of my own ones demise was well timed for shortly after it expired our painter arrived and so for the last days we have been clearing rooms so he can work. See I wouldn’t have been on it anyway.

In the last eight days apart from clearing and sorting I have been away for a long weekend, stopping to catch it with an old friend on the way. I have seen clients, I have read my Kindle and I have worked on a piece of art work.

So have I missed my iPad?

Yes every now now and again I have. It’s not the same using one that is set up for someone else, nor not to have one to hand when you think of something you need to do or look up.

Mine is now at the repair shop and is very sick. So sick they have to open it up and operate. I hope it survives as it would be nice to have it back but I know it has lost all of my work, photos of art in progress, and so on things that are now gone forever. Oh well 🙂


3 thoughts on “Life Without My iPad

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  2. I had a hard drive go quite a few years ago. I did lose some photos, which I regret most, but I have also been pretty good a backing up externally. I am sorry to hear this. You are being very philosophical about this loss, not that you have much of a choice. It is hard to lose an archive of one’s work and ideas.

    • As you say not much else I can do really. I think it helps to have these things in perspective and only to be concerned about things you can do something about. Doesn’t always work of course lol

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