Out of Action :(

Most of you won’t have realised but I’ve been away travelling in Cuba and Mexico for the last four weeks. I left posts scheduled so you wouldn’t miss me but now I’m home it seems my iPad had died. It won’t open, update or restore so is very sick if not terminally ill 😦

I am writing this on the family laptop but its not as easy as being able to pick up the iPad and write what is on my mind, or check what is going on sadly.

So….until I either sort out what is wrong with the iPad or decide what to do about a replacement if anything I may not be around as much. If you comment and I don’t see, if there aren’t as many or as frequent posts as you are used to at least you now know why.

I think I may enjoy extending my time away from the iPad. I didn’t have it with me on holiday and survived. Maybe I will even prefer it and who knows I might even get some other things done instead 🙂


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