20th March 2015


Supermoon, Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox Alban Eilir all in one day. Let’s hope the clouds are kind and stay away so we all get chance to experience it in this reality and not just energetically.

Spring Equinox is a great time to be sowing seeds ready for the months ahead. These can be the seeds of a project you have in mind, or of something you would like to bring in for example.

As the influence of this powerful day has already been building for some weeks and will continue for some weeks after the 20th you still have time to sow your metaphorical seeds if you miss the day itself. Me, I held an Alban Eilir ceremony today to sow mine as I am sure I will be too caught up in the eclipse tomorrow to think of it then.


6 thoughts on “20th March 2015

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    • And it did feel incredibly strong didn’t it. I think it was the combination of energies that made it so and yes it also feels like a time of huge growth ahead

  2. Absolutely I have felt extremely upright and well grounded during this period. I imagine that there’s also a degree of polarity with such events depending on the quality of your head space. Just glad I really made a big spring cleaning early on all fronts.

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