The sleeping mind

It’s strange how sometimes my head is buzzing, full of ideas that I could write about, full of things I want to say or to share and then at other times………nothing 😦 I expect you have guessed already that is one of those nothing times!

I think we need these times, just like we need times when we benefit from being still and resting so our minds need to do the same. The problem is that I for one expect it to always be there, switched on and ready to go when I need it and to switch off and rest when I wish it to, a bit like a light I can turn on and off at will really.

Days like today when it is clear that my mind wishes to lay down and sleep can be frustrating as there are things I need to do, like writing this blog for instance, but if I am honest with myself I know that pushing it will have no effect and that all I can do is roll with it. My mind, like the muscles in my body cannot be pushed, needled, persuaded when it has had enough so I will let it be now in hope that it wakes up full of ideas later in the week. So this is me signing off until then 🙂

4 thoughts on “The sleeping mind

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  2. Yeah, it can be hard to roll with mojo sometimes. Divination helps a lot. Sometimes my mind and body are booming a million possibilities, but a part of me says: “Hmmmmm, It’s all too much.” Times like that, I throw the I-Ching and it usually says something like “stillness.” And and I think ohh what a relief.

  3. Yes, true. I sometimes accept those answers within myself. Sometimes I just enjoy the process of divination for it’s own sake. Connecting with the way. Sometimes the answer dosen’t seem as important as the process. Just like spending time with an old friend.

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