Shaman Pathways Web of Life – Two years on

imageTwo years ago this month, my first, and so far only, book was published by Moon Books as part of their Shaman Pathways series. It had been an exciting time leading up to this, a steep learning curve that involved me discovering how to present a manuscript for publishing and how to help market the book once it was published. Shortly after publication I even held a book launch which took place in the local health shop as the book shop at the time was too small. It was only on the day of the launch that I discovered that no one, myself included, had any idea what happened at a book launch but we survived and I sold a lot more books than I’d expected which was an added bonus.

In the time since publication I have written articles for magazines, meeting some lovely editors in the process plus I have been interviewed for magazines, local newspapers, blogs and radio.

So two years on, more experienced and a whole lot wiser I’m now looking back at what has happened to Shaman Pathways Web of Life in that time. The catalyst for this was a couple of posts by other Moon Books authors commenting on the position of their books on Amazon. I don’t usually bother checking very often now as I know how quickly things change there but I did check and low and behold my book was showing at number 76. This pleased me enormously as after two years it meant that at times my book is still in the top 100 best selling books on shamanism. A few days later just out of curiosity I checked again to find it showing at number 6 and as I write this it is at number 15. Now none of this means anything I know, except that people are still buying my book, still interested in what I have to say and still finding it useful. What more could a first time author want.

So what has happened? What have I been doing with Shaman Pathways Web of Life?

I live in Ireland and so don’t have access to all the opportunities for fairs that exist elsewhere but I’ve been to some here, as well as to conferences, taking copies of my book with me, selling signed copies directly to readers. I have given talks on the benefits of working with the Web of Life to groups small, and large and over the last year have found a community via my blog Solitary Path where I post weekly messages from some of the possible connections in the Web of Life. Talking to people working with the book and their own connections is always interesting and sometimes enlightening. I have opened this up recently so that others can post and share their own messages and I am finding this a great way to work directly with those looking for guidance and support plus of course I am learning from them too.

My book also has a presence in my healing room and I find clients and students drawn to it. Some of my clients come having read my book, some having read about it and with the intention of buying it, signed of course.

I had initially intended to run courses in person and online for anyone working with my book but this hasn’t proved necessary at this point. I have discovered groups that are working with the exercises in the book and supporting each other, individuals using the exercises to support their work in other areas, such as OBOD Bardic training, those using the exercises to help them understand and gain deeper insight into working with a web or wheel that fits them perfectly, as well as those starting out on their path who are using it as a place to begin. I also know of at least one course on shamanism that is using my book and the exercises therein as part of their medicine wheel work with students.

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  1. BTW. You mentioned a while back that moon books looks for people to review their work. What’s the best way to go about that, should I email them directly?

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