Web of Life Connections – Summer and Sun

imageTwo for the price of one this week 🙂 I could have sworn I only had hold of one card yet when I had the card in my hand there were two of them, both facing outwards and both connected for the connections or teachers I drew were Summer and Sun. Maybe after a hard winter in many areas this is what we need to connect with now.

Summer was the first of the connection cards I read so….

‘I reign down upon all of you in time. Although you may think me gone I am only resting, waiting for the time when I arise from the ashes of winter and shine forth. Think of this when you are rushing or trying to keep going for just as much of the animal kingdom need to hibernate at times, so do seasons and so do you ‘.

Sun was the connection that initially had its back to me as it were and so I connected with second…

‘Warmth, warming your bones and the cells of your body, caressing your spirit and calming your mind. When I shine so do you, so do not hide away inside but step out and allow yourself the freedom to walk in the sunshine not just in summer but whenever you see me’.