Seeing Beneath the Surface

Like most healers, one of the things I need to do in my work all the time at some level is to see what is beneath the surface and not accept anything at face value. This begins from the moment someone comes to me for an appointment in that I always allow time to talk at the start. This gives clients chance to relax and me chance to find out what is going on. In the talking I’m listening for not what is said but what lies underneath, sometimes I need to be patient and give this time to surface but the wait is always worth it for it always impacts on the healing that follows.

When I’m working whether it be Reiki, Chios or a shamanic healing I’m paying attention. If it’s energy work what is the energy doing, what is it telling me, what am I seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing alongside this? If it’s shamanic healing in many ways it’s much the same with the addition of journeying and working with my guides and allies but always seeking out what is there to be found.

In my day to day existence I like to spend time between worlds watching for messages from those that work with me so I’d like to think I’m well used to this but I was surprised over the weekend to find that the skills and abilities I use in my healing were needed for a coloured pencil painting of all things.

Some of you reading this may know that I am an amateur artist. My medium of choice is watercolour but last year I decided to challenge myself and learn to work with coloured pencils. This is not at all like the colouring in we did as kids, but involves the mixing of coloured pencils to create the perfect colour that the image requires. I struggled all weekend to select the colours needed for skin tones on a portrait until I realised that what I was doing was expecting to use colours to create not what was there but what it looked like was there. Instead of looking directly at the overall colours I needed to look beneath this to see what was underneath, what it was that created the outward appearance as it were.

Today I’m hoping to revisit the work, to open all my senses and really look at the tones and the colours that blend to make them so, to let my intuition and inner knowing kick in. I have no image to post here yet but if I’m successful, if I uncover what is needed then I will do so another day.

The whole experience though has highlighted for me just how much I still take for granted. Even though I think I’m aware a lot of the time I’m probably not. I still sleepwalk through much of my life making assumptions, taking things at face value and the reason I do this is that to be other than this takes time, more time than I can sometimes afford to give. I am being reminded though of how important it is to find this time, not all day every day but when it matters, not just when I’m working but in my own life, my relationships and my clearly now in my art.


One thought on “Seeing Beneath the Surface

  1. Thank you for your insights. Creativity is such a vital part of self-transformation. I can most definitely say that I would be no where near as spiritually developed as I am without the help of my art. I am also a writer by trade but writing can be such a left brain slog. Art gives me me that creative balance. Art and especially my abstract surreal stuff is the unconscious laid bare. And my friends impressions of my work help to reveal aspects of shared conciousness.

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