Book Review – Carry the Rock


Carry the Rock  by Jessica D Rzeszewski

Carry the Rock is an honest, first hand account by the author J D Rzeszewski of her experiences as an apprentice in Toltec shamanism with a Nagual in Hawaii.

Early on, the book is very much about the perceived shortcomings of the Nagual who doesn’t work in the way the author expected, unexpectedly charges for their services and who is found to web have different reference points for Toltec shamanism than the author. As the book progresses though it becomes less and less about the failure of a Nagual and much more about the awakening and realisation of the student that only they themselves are responsible for their learning. The author shows how by stepping into her own power she is able to see the real differences between herself and the teacher she had initially placed on a pedestal.

I really enjoyed reading Carry the Rock and although a true story I found myself turning pages as I would with a novel as I wanted to see what happened next in the author’s journey. I would definitely recommend it to anyone seeking a teacher in any modality as it really does highlight some of the pitfalls.

7 thoughts on “Book Review – Carry the Rock

  1. Sounds like this would be an enlightening read. As a teacher in my day job (not just as a Shamanic practitioner, I try to teach that the guru is within. All we can do (should do, is open and hold that space for the teaching.) So much more energy efficient. I sometimes joke with my students. “Don’t look at me. Ask Mr Google. Then we’ll both know.”

    • I used to teach too, in school, and I now teach students in energy and shamanic work. I agree that no one has all the answers and as a teacher of anything the role is too facilitate not indoctrinate. It surprises me still to come across people looking for gurus.

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