Web of Life Connections – Colleagues and Peers

imageAs someone who has been self employed for about ten years now and who works on their own, I’ve never sure about this connection to be honest. It’s one that makes me feel a little uncomfortable in that I have to stretch to think what it feels like to have colleagues and peers on a daily basis. But of course that’s not at all what this connection is about so really there is no need for this.

When I stop and look at this rationally I know that Colleagues and Peers really covers anyone I come into contact with be it as students, clients, on social media, at art group, when I go into town, for coffee or lunch with friends and so on and so forth.

So having got over the wobble and having made myself sound as if I don’t have any friends, I sat with the connection card and made contact with Colleagues and Peers as a teacher. This was the resulting message:

‘Colleagues and Peers can come from any walk of life and often in surprising ways. The person you pass in the street, the guy in the bookshop, they all have something to share with you no matter whether it is something that seems big or small. As humans we need interaction in a multitude of ways to help us grow so be open, embrace the source whatever it is and take every lesson that is presented to you’.