More of a Spring Clean than I’d realised

I think the idea of my using February for its ancient purpose of cleansing and purification really took hold this year and looking back on the first day of March I can see how much of a spring clean I have been having this year.

In my home there has been a good bit of clearing out ensuring that several visits to the recycling plant were needed. This has meant not only taking to the plant what was in the house but also everything that was in the shed or garden from previous clear outs. Our old television has found a new home with friends who’s children can make use of it, or at least they will if we ever find the lead for it. We delivered the TV along with what we thought were all the cables only to find we had given them our video lead by mistake. As it would happen we had been going to get rid of the video anyway and it turns out they needed one. I just love synchronicity and how in this case at least some of our pre loved things have found a new home.

The garden is looking ready for Spring in a way it hasn’t for years. Hedges are trimmed, our ‘dead hedges’, for in the end we constructed two of these, are all ready for new life to find a home there, spring bulbs have been stunning in both variety and colour and having cleared and tidied, this year we can really see them.

I have also made decisions that have meant letting go of things I am doing which don’t feel right any more. One of these is blogging as part of Monday Musings with The Pagan Experience. Nothing at all wrong with it there but it wasn’t a good fit for me and rather than struggling on I have decided to dip out and do my own thing which means I only have myself as a resource for my blog this year. Now I write that I realise that’s a slightly scary prospect as I won’t have anyone emailing once a week to remind me to blog, so I now need to be all grown up and remember all on my own.

I have also stopped pretending that I am working ‘full time’. I have reached a point in my life when there are many other things I want to do with my life, so officially I am now only working two days a week seeing clients (although this does stretch a little sometimes) and then teaching at weekends when courses are on. This in theory gives me time to write, blog, work on the Ovate level with the OBOD, paint, draw, go to my art group and the million and one other things that seem to find their way into every week.

I haven’t yet cleared out my contacts in my mobile phone, nor have I been through Facebook and deleted all those ‘friends’ that I can’t recognise as people I actually know, but then February only has 28 days so I don’t think I’ve done too badly and there is no reason to stop just because it is now March is there 🙂

5 thoughts on “More of a Spring Clean than I’d realised

  1. Spring has sprung alright. My house is not so big, so there isn’t a great deal to be rid of there but. Cyber-space is a different matter. I’ve spent at least two hours so far. A couple more at least. As the Dalai Lama once said: “as you clean out your cupboards, clean out your head.” We should apply that to computer files too.

      • Yes, indeed the fun just never ends there. Especially because I’m empathic. I have to be super careful that I don’t end up with other people’s dirty psychic laundry shoved into my mental draws.

      • I don’t have that problem fortunately, I’ve very clear and very strong boundaries where picking up stuff from others is concerned. I’m glad from that perspective I’m not an empath.

      • I learned the hard way with that. Working in a toxic corporate office environment. I had to work extraordinarily hard to protect my energy field. But in doing so it was amazing progress on my learning curve for energetic work.

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