Book Review – Folowing the Deer Trods

imageFollowing the Deer Trods

by Elen Sentier

Before reading this I actually went back and re read the superb Elen of the Ways in which the ways of the awenydd of spirit walker are first introduced along with both Elen and the Deer Trods. In Elen of the Ways the author treats us to the up bringing she had growing up within a family of awenydd and shares with us the treasures of her life as one.image

In Following the Deer Trods we are invited to join her on this path and given the information and exercises that can help us to do so.

By learning to follow the deer Trods we can learn to follow the threads that lead us to and from Otherworld. The exercises teach us to do this first of all by listening and then by getting to know in the bones of our own bodies, the backbone of the world tree which in British shamanism is the Oak. Elements are introduced as the threads that weave to and from then world tree, the weft to its warp and exercises are given to help find these subtle bodies within ourselves. Exercises are also given to open and close the portal, or interface with Otherworld, to journey within sacred space, to the world tree, to meet familiars or familiar spirits and meet teachers as well as an exercise bring you closer to the ancestors