Moon Books: Paganism, Shamanism and so much more

imageI was led onto my path by my guides which meant that for a long time, although I knew what I was doing, I didn’t know it had a name. I eventually became aware that it did, like most things, have a label and that the label was shamanism, this I felt very comfortable with but it came as a real shock to later discover that shamanism was considered to be part of paganism. I had never given any thought to the fact that what I did, what I knew, what I believed, might in any way be ‘Pagan’ and for a long time I just ignored this as I had no idea what to do with it, nor to be completely honest, any inclination to explore.

I then came across a post on Facebook which was asking for people to review books, something I had done in the past and as an avid reader was more than happy to do once again. This post in many ways was responsible for much of what happened for me later, for the post was from Moon Books who are publishers of books written by pagan authors. The books that I began to review, led me to spend time exploring Moon Books website which really began to open my eyes as to the wide range of Pagan Books that are available.

Gradually I explored, discovered, sought more, and at almost every turn there was a book that helped take me, my understanding and my practice further or which opened other doors, one of which was to begin to write myself. When the time came to seek a publisher Moon Books was my first port of call and my first book Shaman Pathways: Web of Life was published by them in 2013.

If it hadn’t been for Moon Books neither my book, not this blog would even exist. Neither would I have started to look deeper at paganism and Druidry, first as a Bard and then an Ovate, all things that have both deepened and subtly altered my connection to the world around me.

So if you are a pagan, a would be pagan, someone who is just looking at what is out there or someone seeking to know more, have a look at Moon Books or perhaps at a few of the courses offered by some of their authors. These are three of the most recent:

Elen Sentier’s British Shaman training

Rachel Patterson’s online School of Witchcraft

Joanna van der Hoeven’s UK Druid College httep://



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