Web of Life Connections – Moon

imageI’m sure we are all well aware of the effects of the Moon on us at times.  I’m more and more feeling the influence of the stages of the Moon especially some of the full moons we have been having.

When I was drawing this card I asked for a connection that had a message for everyone so this is what I recieved:

‘Pray beneath my beam for whatever you need in your life and I will weave my magic alongside your own. Do not wait for something to happen but work with me, using my energy to supplement yours’.

If any of you do decide to sit with Moon to see what message you receive or decide to work with Moon this week as will I, then please do share what you get or are doing in the comments. I would love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Web of Life Connections – Moon

  1. Indeed. Nothing better than meditating under the full moon and making crystal tonics for a big ol’ end of month detox. The return of spring means I don’t have to battle hyperthermia just to get a moontan either. Thank you for your sharing your thoughts!

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