Monday Musings – Earth

imageA long time ago now when I was on the threshold of stepping fully onto the path I now walk, I was taking part in a huge drum circle and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to lay on the floor surrounded by about sixty drummers drumming on shamanic frame drums. As I lay there on the ground I first of all heard the drums, the beat of the drummers, then the voices of the drums themselves singing in words as the sound circled around the room and around me. After this there were layers of sounds, both voices and the rhythm of the drum beat and finally underneath everything I heard another beat. Deep, deep within the Earth I heard the heartbeat of Mother Earth herself, an experience that affected me deeply and which has stayed with me ever since.

When I think of Earth it is of that heart beat, the energy that flows beneath me, the one that feeds me on a physical level, nourishing my body with every breath. Earth is the one that grounds me and helps me to function on a physical level in this incarnation. Earth is the mother that gives me and all things life.


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  1. I feel the very same way when I go out back in my yard to exercise etc and afterwards just sit with “Mom” — she always gets me back to love no matter how much I may have not felt it before going out. It’s a life changing thing to actually connect with Mother, the everything.

  2. Beautifully said! I first felt that very same sound during a drumming jam session in the park many moons ago. It intuitively led me to the concept of music of the spheres. In hindsight, I guess it was why I chose the name Gaia to appear in the name of my healing practice because of the subtle energetic aspect of the EMF frequency referred to as Schuuman Resonance, as the carrier wave for our spiritual link with mother earth. I guess I had intuitively sensed that for a long time, because I always wanted to include sound therapy in my healing practice. But it wasn’t until I was in deep heart space after hours of drunken jamming in the park with one of my best friends on guitar that I truly felt it. Once it switched on I sensed it’s presence in so many things. Many thanks for that reflection. Fondly enjoyed!

      • Wow. Cool I’d love to hear it. You should post a vid about it. I went to an exhibition about Egyptian goddess culture and the thing I found most fascinating was the sistrum. Evidence of the ritual use of sound to raise the vibration and literally break up the negative thought forms to keep the natural energy flowing properly. I read that they would walk around the pyramids in a large procession shaking the sistrums, and the belief is that they were doing it to draw and accumulate energy from the pyramids. Possibly, who knows. My intuition tells me that is could be more to do with cleansing the energy field and ley lines that intersect the pyramid.

      • I not heard about that Leeby. I’ve been to Egypt twice but both times many years ago now and have been inside the great pyramid but don’t remember hearing anything about drumming around them.

      • Many thanks for your reply. There are conventional understandings based on the consensus of mainstream archeology and then there are more interdisciplinary and progressive interpretations supported by local indigenous wisdom, that give more insight into the symbolism and spirituality of the Ancient Egyptian culture. There are different kinds of tours you can take that reflect these more developed understandings. They take you to areas and explain things which are not covered by the usual tour routes. There is some extremely credible work being done by people like Robert Bauval, Anthony West, Graham Hancock and a great many others in this area. I have some great documentaries in the video archive of my website detailing the work of these kinds of researchers. I also recommend checking out Ancient Origins Website which is where I got the information about those pyramid rituals. These kinds of tours can be taken at a number of the other major archeological sites around the world. Macchu Picchu for example has local Shaman’s that can give you much more local indigenous insight. I hope this is helpful to you.

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