Web of Life Connections

imageLast week I was asked a question about the cards I worked with to find the teacher/connection for these posts. I was asked if I used images cut from magazines. As you can see the answer is no.

These are not my personal cards, the ones I work with when I am either planning a path for myself or looking for insight from my own teachers into something that has happened, I will post about them another week so you can see the difference. The cards you see pictured here are the ones that I use for quick inspiration, insight and messages from connections which for me at least are not my own personal teachers.

To find the connections for these cards I brainstormed all the possible connections that I could think of. Now if you bear in mind that everything that exists is interconnected and can communicate, you will understand that these are only a very small selection of all the connections that exist, however I needed this to be workable and also to be able to start somewhere. I also have blank cards set up on the computer so I can add to them if I come across a new connection that resonates in some way.

It is these cards that live in a bag and which I delve into once a week or so to find a connection or teacher that has a message for us.

There is no reason why you can’t make your own set, using connections that come to mind for you. Mine have a fancy border and were produced on the computer then printed, because that’s what I was drawn to do. They could just as easily be hand written and on plain card though. For this the energy is in the connection and the message it brings not the way it was made.

It might be fun, or if you are just starting out it could be helpful, to make a card of each connection that I draw and then sit with it yourself and see if you too can get a message. It would be interesting to see how similar or different the messages you get to the ones that I do so perhaps if you feel drawn to do this you could share your message in the comments.

Or you could make a whole set to work with for your own inspiration and insight.


7 thoughts on “Web of Life Connections

  1. Hi Yvonne. Thank you much for this post. I’m a very visual person so I prefer cards with images (like oracle cards). I created some of mine. I have some collage cards (A5 size) made with clippings from magazines (National Geographic is wonderful for that). I don’t have photos of them but they look like these ones I made last year (but with no words) – I have to upload the rest of my collection from 2014 (I’ll try to do it tomorrow)

    Diário Visual Intuitivo * Intuitive Visual Diary
    • The ones I work with for myself have images Claudia, images that in the creation of them both taught me about myself and brought my energy into the cards. I’ll share these next time. The purpose of both sets of cards is totally different.

  2. There’s a couple of Facebook groups that I’m in where I know this post will do some good. Totally going to spread this one around!

  3. I love the idea of making your own cards. This made me think about the project I am working on this year. I am a paper cut artist and I have been creating a new small (about the size of an index card) paper cut art every day since January 1, 2015 each based on an intention for the day. You have got me thinking that I could, at the end of my project, create a whole set of inspirational cards. Today’s paper cut art in all about encouragement: http://cutoutsstudio.com/2015/01/28/encourage-january-28-2015/

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