Web of Life Connections – Red

I love how drawing one of the cards that I made for inspiration when writing Web of Life can so often bring me exactly what I need and that the messages I get resonate with others too. Today’s card was RED and even before I connect to it I am getting feelings of warmth, comfort and I can feel just the thought of RED lifting my energy.

Often when we stand in front of our wardrobes and choose what to wear by the colour of it, or find ourselves in a shop picking up clothing or something for the home in a colour we might not have chosen it can be because we need the vibration of that colour to feed our energy in some way.

Connecting with RED for some deeper insight and a message brought me this:

‘Like the warmth of a summer’s day let the vibration of RED fill you from head to toe, let it flow through you warming and energising your being. Breathe in the energy of RED and feel it lift your spirits’. 

Shaman Pathways Web of Life 



7 thoughts on “Web of Life Connections – Red

  1. Hi Yvonne. About the cards that you made for inspiration are those just clips from magazines? Photos? I create collage cards for the same purpose. Thanks

    • No these ones are simply words on cards, each word being a possible connection. The ones I made as part of my own Web of Life to help plan my paths are totally different and are playing card size with images that I drew and painted that symbolised the connection for me. You could make these with images cut from magazines too.

  2. When it comes to clothing, I tend to favor a color over a course of a year or two at a time before it shifts to something else. I wonder if it has something to do with the greater energies at work. I think moss green was dominant the longest time. Lately it’s been a lot of black and coral and other really bright pinks.

    • It does sound as if you needed those colours vibrationally working with your energy field for a length of time. Were you aware of any shifts in your energy or changes in you at the time?

      • I hadn’t thought about it from an energetic standpoint until I read your post. During the “green” phase I was hyper focused on my design work, moved across the country and got married. Lots going on at that time. I was also letting go of spiritual dogmas that were present.

        The recent black and pink period began coming out after my child was born. Energetically, I became more sensitive to negativity. I also have a job I love and feel confident in. In general, I have a more relaxed, introspective energy. Not sure if those colors are reflective of the energy around me or in contrast to it (to bring balance.) This is a great topic to contemplate.

      • I think it’s fascinating, getting dressed, realising what you’ve got on then stopping and considering why it might be that you need that colour or why those you work with might need your energy to have it present. Love it when I’m working with groups, always clicks at some point 🙂

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