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Drumming is is one of my favourite teachers and has a firm place within my own Web of Life as a connection. It is a teacher that I really enjoy connecting and spending time with, so sitting and listening to its message today is a real pleasure for me.

‘Drum loud, drum long, drum softly, drum fast, drum slow, it doesnt matter how you drum only that you do. Drum for joy, for healing, for peace, for yourself, for others, whoever and whatever you drum for just drum. Feel its rhythm, feel it within you and as you do you will hear the message that drumming brings’.

I am lucky for I have a number of drums that work with me but even if you don’t then the arms of a chair, the edge of a table, a saucepan and a wooden spoon, anything you have to hand will do as long as you are drumming.

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5 thoughts on “Web of Life Connections – Drumming

  1. I dig the way you refer to the drum as a living thing. I get that feeling too. That it asks to be played because it has a story. For me the story is of simply being instead of doing. Cheers. Hope your having a great weekend!

  2. I love my drums, they are friends and companions, hence are alive with spirit for me and soul partly from the body of the creature whose hide was used in their crafting. I have one, my largest single sided drum made from elk hide. The maker said he had used lots of hides over the years,but there was something special, magical, mystical about the hide on this particular drum. I can beat out chants of joy or of sorrow with them. They never judge, they simply allow me to release and travel to the end of the feeling, the chant or the vision.

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